What are the colored circles on the packaging?

The packaging of different items, particularly food items has a lot of information imprinted on them. This information is provided on every type of packaging regardless of the food item it houses. Information that can be found on the food packaging generally includes the standard marketing label found on every packaging, the details about the ingredients of the food packed inside the packaging, the information about the nutritional value of the food inside the packaging and whatnot 

There are some other details that can be seen on the packaging. The mysterious colored circles on most of the food packaging are something people raise their questions about. These colors circles are regarded as process control patches. These control patches tell the hue of ink used by the printer to design the packaging. Basically, these circles provide useful information to the printer. 

What do the colored circles on the packaging indicate?

When the printer is given the job to check the colored circles, it first checks if the colors that have been used on the packaging are coherent with the color scheme that was required to be used. Every product has its own color scheme to be shown on the packaging — the printer checks this color scheme for every individual product differently. If there is any problem with the color scheme, a color block will be detected by the printer. This color block let the printer know if there was a deficiency in the color or not. 

The colors blocks are mentioned in every packaging. However, the way they are shown on the packaging may vary. For example, in the boxed packaging, the color blocks are indicated as squared color blocks. The most common colors in which the color circles are shown on the packaging are black, yellow, and cyan. These are the primary colors based on which the colored printer produces colors further. The printer can use color circles with different hues on the same kind of product. 

Sometimes, the manufacturer does not add the color circles on the packaging since adding the color circles or not adding it is a personal choice of the brand or manufacturer. An interesting fact, there is no compulsion to add these blocks on the packaging. So, if you find that there is no color block on the packaging you are using, there is nothing to be worried about

However, if there is a color block on the packaging of the chips or biscuits, there should also be a cross sign shown on the packaging too. The cross symbol is actually helpful for the printer since it helps it in aligning all the colors that have been printed. 


Many people raise the question when they find the colored circles or colored blocks on the packaging. People should know that these colored circles are helpful for the printer for aligning the colors on the packets, and they have nothing to do with the customers of the product.