cinema popcorn boxes designs made by city of packaging

Various art and craft ideas for the aesthetic look of popcorn boxes

No one would deny the chewy and fantastic taste of the popcorns snack. And due to this reason, the popcorns are one of the significant chunk of birthday parties and movies theater time snack. And if you think as a popcorn seller, then the first thing that comes in your mind is to portray the mammoth image of your brand. Now you start efforts toward achieving this goal. Such efforts include a lot of things like the impressive marketing of the products and branding.

Above all, the very preeminent point that bestows the competitive edge to your popcorn products in the market is the packaging. It is the admirable fact that the alluring packaging solutions are the need of almost all sorts of businesses. The real phenomenon behind this fact is that each assail and passerby notices the packaging of the product. And if the covering of the product is ample to grab the attention of the target audience, then it would surely turn the volume of sale to a higher level.

Similarly, the popcorn companies also require the out of the ordinary boxes and cases for the packaging of their snacks. Add to this, to create an unforgettable experience, some essence of personalization is also added in the popcorn packaging. So, if you need such packaging that influences the audience to buy the popcorn products, you need to know about some trendy and artistic packaging ideas.

Foil paper design for the popcorn packaging:

Foil paper design for the popcorn packaging
Foil paper design for the popcorn packaging Website: Email: [email protected] Call Us: (+1) 603 3180 487 Address: 114 Pleasant Street, Claremont, NH 03743, USA Made by City of packaging

The use of gold and silver foil paper nowadays seems a common practice, and most brands move toward some advance and trendy options. Like packaging companies are now bestowing the foiling option in various metalized colors:

  • Blue foil
  • Blue turquoise foil
  • Bronze foil
  • Burgundy foil
  • Copper foil
  • Dark hot pink foil
  • Gunmetal foil 

When such foiling is applied on the cardboard popcorn boxes, the overall look of such packaging is heightened. However, the shimmery touch that is provided by the annexation of the foiling is also not neglectable for the customers. One another noticeable thing is the use of designing patterns with the foils. For instance, you can use a straight-line pattern with foiling. Another way is by applying the foils with zigzag line pattern. However, the final designing decision is depend on the customer.

Sometimes the customer needs an aristocratic outlook, and for this, they need the whole box in the metalized display. For this purpose, the entire foil paper sheet is attached to the box. 

Tuxedo white and black theme for the popcorn packs:

Tuxedo-white-and-black-theme-for-the-popcorn-packs by cop
Tuxedo-white-and-black-theme-for-the-popcorn-packs by cop Website: Email: [email protected] Call Us: (+1) 603 3180 487 Address: 114 Pleasant Street, Claremont, NH 03743, USA

As the tuxedo is an apparel theme that is used to wear by the men at the evening events. It is a semi-western dress code and contains only two colors that are white and black. So the packaging engineers wisely use this theme in the packaging of the products. And nowadays, popcorn boxes are also available in this theme.

However, when the black color is applied to the boxes as a surface color, it makes prominent the other colors of the packaging. And in this way, this theme is capable of providing the imperial and royal display to the popcorns. So, where the need of the consumer is to offer the monochromatic look to the product, you can use this theme easily.

You can also annex the little black bow to create more relevancy of the packaging with the theme.

Polka dot designing patterns:

polka-design of popcorn boxes by city of packaging Website: Email: Call Us: (+1) 603 3180 487 Address: 114 Pleasant Street, Claremont, NH 03743, USA
polka-design of popcorn boxes by city of packaging

Simply it is the theme or design that contains the small or big rounds or circles. The simple impressive look of the theme encourages the popcorn sellers to use it on their popcorn packaging. However, the color scheme of the theme depends on the customer. Sometimes it is required to relate the theme with any season like summer or winters.

So the color application of the polka theme that is designed for summer is light. Like the baby pink with white, the lime yellow with light turquoise, and contrary to this, when the packaging is designed for the winters, the sharp and blue shades like royal blue background with sky blue dots. However, in order to endow the diversification to the polka design pattern, the shape and quantity of the dots are available with customization. It means the client would choose these aspects as per their need.

Annex the quotes of choice to the popcorn cases:


One recent trend that is found very appealing for the customers for the popcorn packaging is a box that is printed with the quote of choice. This design contains printed text on the three sides of the box, and on the front side, a cloud of quotation is present. Basically, the box does not contain any sort of design. But have an attractive font style of text that is able to make the viewer’s wow.

However, the custom quote printing option makes these packages more favorite for the customers. Just imagine when you went out for the movie and found a popcorn box with the famous movie quote, it feels amazing to the customers.

Moreover, such type of creativity also cherished by the customers. And on different occasions and parties like birthdays, movie nights, and slumber parties, such type of popcorn packaging is extensively required. Add to this the customization that provides the chance to print any relevant quote intensify the packaging impact.

Use mascot characters of movies on the popcorn packaging:

Use mascot characters of movies on the popcorn packaging made by city of packaging
Use mascot characters of movies on the popcorn packaging made by city of packaging

Popcorn packaging is also a great way to advertise certain movies at the cinemas. By printing the special scenes of the movies, its characters, and relevant dialogues create the mesmerizing appeal of the popcorns. In such types of boxes, the role of printing is very much imminent. If the printing is not accurate, it bestows the pathetic look to the packaging. Therefore, the printing of the boxes is considered vital for these types of boxes.

Sometimes cartoon movie characters are used to print on the boxes to grab the attention of the kids. And these characters also look amazing on the custom printed popcorn boxes. On the other hand, these popcorn boxes are also widely used for the kid’s birthday parties and add the essence of entertainment to the parties.

Apply event specified themes on the packaging of popcorn:

In order to enjoy the different events with this chewy snack, the event sponsors use printed boxes for the popcorn that contain the relevant pictorial display of the event. Like if the popcorns are going to serve on the cricket event, then wickets, bat and ball, player images, and other relevant data is printed on the popcorn packaging boxes. However, if the popcorn cases are designed for the birthday, New Year, or Christmas, then the relevant information of images are used for the printing of such boxes.

The size, colors, and shape of the packaging is also taken by the customer as per the requirement of the event. Like sometimes, the popcorn cones are used in small size for the small serving, and sometimes popcorn buckets are used for the huge servings. So, all types of packaging are available easily for customers. And they can print their required one type of popcorn packaging for their particular event.