Unique toys you can easily make for cardboard boxes

Making toys by self is not only a fun but also enhance your creativity. When you do this activity with kids they would also learn a lot. It means all the product boxes would be easily use for the learning and playing purposes. At the retail store you can see number of products packed in cardboard box packaging. it is also known fact that you can purchase number of product with these packages. So, do not waste the empty case and have a fun with it.

Now let’s have a look on the various toys that you can easily make out of the cardboard boxes. You can make cars, chest, doll house, doll beds and a lot of stuff from these case. But before going to make a toy from the cardboard box you required to gather some useful tips that would improve the final look of the toy.

Firstly, it is essential to follow a step by step process to make the any toy from the cardboard sheet. The next thing is to collect the things you required to make the toy. Then you can select which toy you need to make from the cardboard. Here we discuss the four unique toys that are easy to make from the cardboard. All those are listed below in the activities.

Activity 1- Cardboard Guitar made out of cardboard case:
If you like music then you are well aware from the guitar. Babies and children also like this toy for playing. But it is the most amazing fact that you can make guitars at home from the cardboard for you babies. You need to collect some utensils for making a guitar from the cardboard boxes.

Things required:



Paint colors




Process to be followed:

Make a drawing of the guitar on the back of the cardboard sheet. It is recommended to use plain cardboard box for this purpose. Now darkened the edges of the guitar drawing to make its boundaries clearer. Then cut the guitar from the darken lines and make two guitars of one is for the upper part and second is for the lower part. Make small strips from the cardboard sheets. Now it is the time to play with colors. Use the paint colors of your choice to color the guitar. And leave it for drying. After sometime when the guitar is dried completely past the cardboard strip on its edges. And fill the vacuum of the guitars with cotton and past the lower part of the guitar on it. Now your guitar is ready play.

Activity 2- Embroidery Cards made from cardboard box:

This is a real fun for the girls to make the gift boxes from the cardboard cases. However, it is also a quite easy task you just need to collect all the things that you need to see on your gift card.

Things required:

  • Laces
  • Beads
  • Wrapping sheet
  • Glitters
  • Colors
  • Scissor
  • Cardboard sheet or premade box of cardboard box
  • Glue

Process to be followed:

Take a cardboard sheet and cut it as per your required size for making the base of the box. If you want to now for the side walls and upper and lower wall you need to cut more sheet of the cardboard. Joint the all four walls with the base. Now the lower part of the box is ready and you can now make the lid. For the lid you need to cut the sheet as per the size of the lower part and also turn the edges of the lid to complete it. Now it is time to wrap the lid or lower portion of the box with alluring wrapping sheet. You can choose the color and design of the sheet according to your taste. After this you can attached the flowers of cloth and laces on the lid and lower portion of the box. And use glitter and beads on it. Now your embroidery gift card box is totally ready.

So, you can see how you would be able to easily use the cardboard boxes for making the creative toys. Try to do this activity with your child and kids. And enhance their learning and creativity.