Top five design pattern for the custom product packaging

The vying and enticing look of packaging design makes your product identity in the pool of competitors. Due to this reason, packaging designers and experts pushing the walls of designing to come forward. And, they introduce innovative patterns to make the packaging box out of the cage. These designs give life to your products and make them able to compete from the rest of the other products that are present in the market.

How you can make the unique design of packaging?

unique design of packaging
unique design of packaging

Premade packaging is founding in the market on the cheap rates but you can’t make it unique and polish for the improvement as per your need. You have pressure to adopt the same as the brands offer.  Comparatively, by adopting the custom product packaging brands offer the consumers to make your cartons out of the boundary. For this purpose, an amplified variety of options are existing that make your product encasement outstanding.

Some of the unique and amazing options are most probably use likewise, countless design, alluring styles, quality material, and finest finishing of the encasements. But now it’s time to find the top designs to make your boxes eye-catching. These famous are put forth for you:

  • Holographic design
  • Intricate lines
  • Abstract design
  • Lush floral
  • Storytelling

Its time to put lights on the detail of the above mentioned for the in-depth understanding.

Holographic design:

holographic design
holographic design

The holographic design is the most popular and trendy these days. In the easiest way, a holographic is the photograph the speckled on the object and portray in the three-dimensional method. The roots of holographic design embedded in 1920 but the revitalization in recently for making the packaging box designs makes a bull eye for the audience. The use of holographic design does not stop for only one thing. It uses for several purposes. For instance, its use as a rainbow effect on movies or plays. Moreover, its use on the backside of the credit card for the security check and balance purpose. Here is the list of some holographic types that you can apply on your product packaging box as per the need:

  • Iridescent background
  • Hologram glitch effect
  • Sci and Fi
  • Abstract holographic effects
  • Hologram colorful pixel background

These styles make your packaging stimulus to grab the attention from the consumer’s side. By using the iridescent effect for the typography, you can make your custom printed product boxes elegant and enticing.

Intricate lines for art touch:

Intricate lines for art touch:
Intricate lines for art touch:

These lines are one of the best ways to make your product containers artistically and classy. Because intricate lines are used in the complex drawings. The printing of complex lines design gives the artistic touch to your packaging and it engrossing in the massive amount of the customers that enhance the growth of your brand. You can use various patterns to make these lines on the cartons that entail below for your nigh:

  • Pattern triangle background
  • Modern pattern triangle
  • Contemporary patterns
  • Geometrical pattern triangle
  • The weaving pattern seamless images
  • Vector pattern images
  • Fancy geometric pattern images
  • Random line geometric designs
  • Vantage foiling patterns

As a manufacturer, you could select the designs as per your product requirement. By using such designs you can add a sophisticated look to your packing.

Abstract product packaging design:

Abstract product packaging design
Abstract product packaging design

With choosing the abstract design for your product packaging, brands offer the independent choice to the individual to think as per their context. Abstract designs are making with merging the colors, shapes, angles, and lines. For making your encasements stunning and pizzazz, packaging brands consider the organic designs and geometric shapes. Abstract design patterns provide the ability to the consumers to open the doors to generate new and creative imagination. The types of abstract design make from various movements that entail below:

  • Dadaism
  • Surrealism
  • Fauvism
  • De Stijl
  • Cubism
  • Plasticism

All the above-mentioned movements have a special place in generating versatile designs and themes in abstract designs.

Lush floral design and earthy colors for the product packaging:

Lush floral having paramount space for engrossing the famine and flower lovers’ audience. Floral design is most probably use to pack your gifts, soap, and cosmetics products. This luring design provides the best illustrations and stimulus to grab the attention of the consumers. You can use floral design with earthy and warm color combinations with bold and simple typography for the stunning and mesmerizing look of the packaging.

Earthy and warm colors are famous for friendly and inviting purposes. Such tantalizing colors are making from the modulation of browns and tans. Tans are making from the brown color scheme with the combination of white color shades. These colors are making from merging the richer shades with brown that entail below:

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Red
  • Orange

You can also use floral touch without earthy colors. Like LUX uses floral printing on your wrappers packing that enhance the beautification of their soaps in an enchanting way.


Storytelling packaging
Storytelling packaging

The most amazing design for your product packaging is storytelling. By using storytelling design on your product packaging, you can offer ways to think about the story as per their perceptions. Brands print the story as per the message that they want to scatters and deliver in the masses. Such sorts of packaging captivate than consumers who attach the reading stories and metaphors of phenomena. For providing the brand message to the audience from this way, you can use various shapes, sizes, and technical topographies.

Selection of the right packaging design retail:

The City Of Packaging is one of the elegant brands that offer custom made product boxes for you. You can select the mesmerizing design for the perfect outshine packaging of your products. Our experts are inclined to brand available 24/7 hours for the support you to select the glamour’s design.

Wrapping up the things:

The outcomes of the above-mentioned designs bestow you the information about the innovative design patterns. Likewise, intricate lines, floral, abstract, holographic and storytelling. All these designs have their own place to make your cartons everyone. You can easily choose this design as per your requirement. Now it is up to you to think about what design suits your product.