Top 5 machines for the printing

Printing machines are now quite common for printing purposes. No matter what type of print you want, the market is filled with all kinds of printers. Starting from a textile printing machine to paper printing machine you’ll get all in one place. Printing machines have made it possible for the manufacturers of multiple accessories ton save the cost and the time both. As most of the printing machines are automatic, so less labor is required to accomplish the printing task. Less job obviously leads to fewer salaries, which means that you can keep it up with your work effectively while having limited labors.

We are here with the 5 topmost machines that are used for printing purposes. The tools vary in multiple types of printing ways. Some of them are for textile printing; some are for graphic print, and so on. You can give all these 5 machines a quick look. All the tools mentioned below are available at We have mentioned their model numbers and prices with them so you can make your final decision here without wasting your time in searching for multiple machines.

  • Audley 1.8m Digital Fabric Printing Machine T-Shirt 5113 head Digital Textile Printing Machine

Model no: QS8000

Price: 1 – 2 Sets US$11,000.00

                          3 – 4 Sets US$10,500.00

                          >=5 Sets US$10,000.00

This Audley production is one of the most commonly purchased printing machines. This machine is perfect when you are searching for a printing machine that is suitable for fabric printing. This machine can make multi-color fabrics no matter what type of material you are using. This machine is mostly sued to make flag cloth, car stickers, and t-shirt printing purpose. This machine is featured with an automatic printing feature and dye feature that helps to make the colors much brighter.

  • Hyunvan Mini 3D Digital Flatbed Printer UV Printing Machine

Model no: not mentioned

Price: US$5,000.00-US$8,000.00 /Set 1 Set

Another amazing digital printing machine is the one offered by Hyunvan. This machine is a UV printing machine; the reason for its popularity is that it is small and easy to use. It gives perfect and on point prints. With this machine, you can easily print phone cases or gifts, and moreover, you can use them for printing business cards.

  • Garros dtg garment printer t-shirt printing machine

Model no: TS3042

Price: US$300.00 – US$3,000.00 / Sets

Another particular t-shirt printing machine is the dtg garment printing machine offered by Garros. With this printer, you have a variety of color options. You can get amazing colorful designs by using this machine for your t-shirt printing. Other than t-shirt printing, this machine could also be used for card printing and many other printing purposes.

  • ADL/JMD digital brochure printing machine

Model no: 3050A

Price: US$1,000.00 – US$1,500.00 / Sets

This printing machine is specially designed for brochure printing, but you can use it for multiple applications such as paper printing, card making, flyers printing, etc. and it goes well with all the applications.

  • Zonten PE Films flexographic printing machine 8 color

Model no: RY-330/450

Price: US$10,000.00 – US$500,000.00 / Sets

This is a flexographic printer and can give you effective graphic printing results. If you are searching for a good and quality based photographic printer, go with this option.