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Top 5 decorative fake book boxes designs

What are Fake book boxes?

Looking for some new decorative ideas? This is what you’ve been looking for so long. Some of you might not know about fake book box so let’s give it a short review. As the name suggests, the fake book box looks just like book boxes that are used to store the box, but the only difference is that counterfeit box boxes are used as decorative pieces in libraries, drawing rooms, classrooms, and many other places. Mostly fake book boozes are used in the libraries to give a classy and attractive look to the place. Fake book boxes might be used for storing much other stuff other than books. So if you are finding any book box, try to get fake book box to use it for multiple purposes.

Here are the five topmost liked decorative fake book box designs you might like. Give them a view and make one for your own as well:

Treasure Island secret box book

One of the best ways to give your study room at home a classy look is to get the Treasure Island mysterious book box. The Treasure Island box looks precisely similar to the book box, but when opened, it gives surprises as you won’t find any book in it. You can add island related goodies in it to make it a treasure box. Try to get wooden treasure book box to give an elegant touch to your place. I recommend you to go with option if you want something for your study room.

Gift book box

Tired of using the old gift boxes? Here is your solution. Use the gift book box to try something unique and also surprise your buddy by placing some special gift inside a book. The gift book box gives a classy type of gift packaging and a novel idea as well.

Cigar book box

This fake book box idea is primarily for cigar smokers. You keep your cigars safe in this book and give it a classy casing as well. Try something new and unique by replacing your standard cigar boxes by cigar book box and trick the people at the same time.

Cookie book box

Is there any upcoming feast at your place? If yes then you’ve got new packaging for your cookies. These cookie book boxes go very well with school parties. You can surprise your fellows by adding cookies in the book box. You can also use cookie book box to gift cookies to your nerdy friend. They will surely love your idea of gift wrapping.

Ring bearer book box

Planning to gift a ring to your wife? We have some unique ring casing idea for you that will make your wife surprised and more in love with you for sure. The ring bearer book box has an outer view similar to the book, but when open it holds the ring inside it. Try this new ring casing idea and make your wife feel loved.