Tips to improve candle packaging

Candles are signs of light and illumination and from several decays, mankind is using this magnificent object for its assistance. But the recent era magnifies its use in the celebrations and events. You may observe these candles at the:

  • Wedding decorations
  • Birthday parties
  • Religious events
  • Funerals and memorials

As all the above-mentioned occasions are almost incomplete without the candles. But one unignorably served the purpose of candles is gifting. Yes! The candles are widely used for the purpose of gifts.

But when we wonder at the retail outlets what attract us to buy a particular candle. It is the manner of its appearance on the retail shelf. Contrary to those candles that are packed in ordinary candle cases those are packed in alluring packs more easily attract the customers. And for this purpose, you need custom candle boxes.

Now the question arises which makes your candles box packaging more delightful and charming. For this purpose, you need to know the crucial points that lead you to select the right packaging for your candles. And if you are a newbie then it would also ensure the sustainability of your candle business.

Use the right material:

The foremost and imperative step when you are going to prepare the packaging for your candles is the selection of righteous material. There is three main cardstock material that is offered to the customers for the construction of custom candle packaging.

  • Kraft paper is suitable for eco-friendly packaging.
  • Corrugation sheets made high-strength packs and cartons for shipment.
  • Cardboard sheets perfect for retail packaging.

As the three material is too much different in their features so the selection of material is totally depending on the wish of the customers.

Select versatile designing:

Designing the packaging is also a crucial chunk and needs proper care and an artistic approach. Different intricate drawings, abstract themes and special tones that entail metallic shades are used to fabricate the unique look of the box. Add to this it is also the choice of the customer which design he needs to see on his boxes. And the design is totally made according to the imagination of the customers. so, packaging design worth a lot for making a compatible box for the candles and it also provides a great display to the candles.

Use special effects:      

After the selection of design and material, the next step that is not mandatory but recommended for making the packaging more compatible is additions of special impacts. These impacts entail:

  • Glossy effects
  • Matte impacts
  • Embossing of the text
  • Debossing of the text
  • Coating and laminations

These impacts enhance the robustness of the cases and also add the elegance and value in the display of the candles. You can also use special typographies and unique fonts for the text of the personalized candle boxes.

Avoid frustrated packaging:

Customers need packaging that is not only attractive in its look but also easy to open. If your candles are packed in packaging that needs extra efforts to open, then it is assumed a frustrated packaging. so, if you want to attract more customers then try to avoid such type of packaging solution.

All the above-mentioned tips are not only able to intensify the display of the candle at the crowded retail shelves but also protect the candles from the external damaging as well as climatic effects like heat, moisture, and UV rays. However, if you require the wholesale candle boxes for your candles you would also get discounts and it became more affordable for your business. So, the custom candle boxes are the best packaging solution for all who are engaged in this business.