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Things you need to consider in COVID-19 for packaging workers

In recent time the whole of mankind is facing an unbeatable pandemic of the coronavirus. This virus not only creates an alarming situation to the health of humanity but also found a disastrous one for the millions of businesses. Due to its long survival and replicating feature, this virus is becoming a major killer. However, it is also a cause of affecting the mobility of the people and goods. Additionally, the worst fact related to this epidemic is the unambiguity about its elimination from the world. As the medical researchers are not founding any worthy solution to fight against the COVID-19. 

But life needs to go on and stop at one place is not a long-lasting solution. That’s the reason all and sundry focus a lot on preventive measures rather than quitting their routine tasks. Some researches demonstrate that following the below-mentioned steps would reduce the chance of getting infected from this enemy.  

Preventions for the COVID-19:

As the necessities never end and things need to be normalized so every individual can easily fight against the virus, but for this purpose, it’s essential to follow the preventive guidelines.  

It is a common saying that “The necessity is the mother of invention” and the world is shifting toward the new methods after the evolution of the virus. Online stores and household necessities are now available at a click of the consumers. But huge teamwork is also required for the proper management of this herculean task. And in this whole process, the role of packaging is quite imminent. 

As the Dennis Colley, CEO of fibre box association says that the whole supply chain of America is backed by the cardboard packaging. It means the need for packaging sector is too much extensive and there is no one who can deny this fact. So, for a packaging worker, the SOP [standard operating procedures] becomes more crucial to be followed. Here the responsibility of the packager become double, and he should think to save the others life as well. 

What things a packaging worker needs to do at the workplace?

The most dangerous area for workers in the workplace where they gather and do their task. So, they need to be prepared well in order to stay safe from the virus. For this purpose, some crucial steps are discussed further. 

Simply wear the gloves:

Hands are found a pivotal home for the coronavirus. Once this virus sticks on the hands of the human, it would enhance the chance of infection. So, to avoid this situation, you require to wear gloves at the workplaces. And this step is also imperative to protect your hands from contamination. But a considerable point is also a frequent changing of the gloves. Especially in case of food handling, it is required to remove the gloves after some time. And after removing the gloves, it is also mandatory for the food workers to wash the hands or sanitize. 

Moreover, when the workers need to open the door of the room, they should wash hands after touching the knobs of the door or before touching the food products again. The reason is most of the doorknobs are made from the metal and other semen. And according to the latest researches, the coronavirus can live on such metals for several hours. Likewise, frequent hand washing and glove-wearing also protect you from the virus while handling the custom cardboard boxes at your workplace. 

Try to implement an automated process:

As the extensive use of the cardboard boxes by city of packaging in the pharmaceutical and food sectors are imperceptible. So, this extensive demand bound the packaging makers to deliver all packaging products to the customers. And the unavailability of these packaging solutions due to coronavirus makes the accessibility of routine use products challenging. Therefore the automated processes are preferred to reduce the human interaction in producing the custom boxes or containers. But the plant or machinery of the box manufacturing should continue its processes as per the guidance of the CDC and OSHA. Centre of disease control and prevention USA provide proper steps of sanitizing and cleanliness of the packaging plants. In order to automate small packaging tasks following machinery is required.    

  • Sealers.
  • Tapping machines.
  • Conveyers.
  • Strapping machines.

These machines reduce the extensive human interactions at the workplace of the packaging units and industries. 

Avoid to touch the contaminated surfaces:

One of the major threat in this time of virus is the contaminated surfaces as various researches revealed that this epidemic could infect the humans through air, or by touching the outdoor surfaces. Such surfaces have a high risk of carrying the virus due to extensive human interactions. It is also a fact that this virus can easily stay for several days on the cardboard, plastic, and stainless steel. 

The below-mentioned chart shows the expected life of coronavirus on the semen.

Plastic 3 days

Cardboard About a day 

Copper Four hours

Stainless steel Approximately 2 to 3 days.

It means in order to break the widespread of this pandemic; you need to avoid touching the contaminated surfaces. Especially while you work at your job areas, however, it is quite hard to avoid touching such places, and therefore it is also recommended to wash the hands after the small span of time for 20 seconds. 

Follow the guidelines and stay safe:

For all the packaging worker, it is mandatory to follow all the above precautions. This would not only save their lives but also prevent others from this virus.