Ten packaging expos held in 2019

Packaging expos are quite helpful for the buyer, and the manufacturers of packaging as all these expos give the opportunity to the people to get an idea about new packaging ways. With these expos, more chances are there that you can get clients or make more customers. 

Here are the ten topmost packaging expos that are held in 2019. Some of them are upcoming, and some have happened earlier, so by reading this article, you can have an idea about the packaging expo calendar of 2019. 

SmartPack US

This is a special packaging-related expo that is going to be held in San Diego Marriott La Jolla, San Diego, USA on 11th and 12th September 2019. The main purpose of this expo is to bring together the retailers, multiple brand owners, the packaging manufacturers under one umbrella so they could discuss new innovations and changes that have happened in active and intelligent packaging. People will be able to meet multiple packaging manufacturers and can make their contacts better. 

Packaging of Perfume Cosmetics & Design

This event is going to be held in altamas building, New York, USA, and the event is held, especially for the people to learn about innovations and trends regarding the packaging. They will be given a chance to meet the packaging of perfume cosmetics & design industry colleagues and to determine their unique techniques of packaging. 


This packaging event is going to be held on 23-25th September 2019 in Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, USA. The primary purpose of this event is to introduce the people with the processing and packaging innovations by bringing all the essential packaging industries on board. 

Pharma expo

This is one of the most extensive packaging trade shows they held all over the work. Many major companies and personalities are going to attend this packaging expo. The pharma expo is going to be held on 23-25th September 2019 in Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, USA.

IWLPC- Wafer-Level Packaging Conference & Exhibition

This event is going to be held to bring all the major semiconductor industries together at one platform so they can share their experiences regarding device packaging and manufacturing. The event will take place at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Jose, San Jose, USA on 22-24 October 2019. 

Luxury packaging 

This event is for mostly for the beginners in the packaging industry as many educational shows will be displayed at this event that will help people to ace in their next packaging tasks. The expo will be held in Olympia London, London, UK on 11-12th September 2019.

Processing and Packing Machinery Event

In this event, people will see the packaging machinery working in front of them that will help them in getting various packaging ideas. The event will take place in NEC, Birmingham, the UK on 1-3rd October 2019.

Label & Print

This event is held to give packaging manufacturers an idea about the latest labeling and printing trends so that they can make their packaging up the mark. The event will be held on 29th November 2019. 

Fach Pack

This event is going to be held in Germany on 24-26th September 2019. Many product packaging will be done at this event. Moreover, you will be shown multiple packaging machines and packaging processes as well. 

Digital Print for Packaging Europe

This is another show to be held in Melia Berlin, Berlin, Germany on 2-4th December 2019. The event includes information about corrugated printing, market packaging trends, innovations, and many others.