Saddle stitch explained

What is saddle stitch?

Saddle stitch is a commonly used type of bookbinding available almost at every book shop. Saddle stitch binding is durable if compared to any other bookbinding type. The saddle stitch binding is mostly seen on the comic books and the school books. Saddle stitch is done by taking a certain number of single sheets that have something printed on both the sides, the pages are assembled according to the page number mentioned, the pages are folded into half, and then the entire collection of pages is stapled from the crease between the two sides to the paper. The stapler that is used to staple the paper together is saddle stitch stapler. Most of the book contains this method of bookbinding because it ensures that all the papers stay at their place and do not fall off.

Why is saddle stitch the best?

There are multiple reasons for considering saddle stitch binding; the first factor is that this type of binding is way more economical than other bindings. It is the best choice if your page count is less. For the students who are moving towards their publications, it is recommended that if your publication is up to 92 pages; choose the saddle stitch binding for compiling your document. The saddle stitch gives the perfect bound to the documents and will present your publication in an attractive way.

Another reason to use saddle stitch binding is that it makes it easy for the user to turnaround the pages easily without even tearing them. Most of the binding is not durable enough, and it is quite challenging to move to the next page, but with saddle stitch, the books are bind in a way that the user can enjoy the reading experience without any inconvenience.

How many pages are required for saddle stitch?

Saddle stitch is not the right binding for heavy books that have huge page count, so you need to be specific about your page count when choosing saddle stitch as your bookbinding. You can use the saddle stitch if you have minimum page count of 8 pages. Each spread of your booklet must have four pages. You can add up to 92 pages to your saddle stitch booklet. Be sure that your document has pages in multiples of 4 because those pages are going to turn into half that will automatically increase the page count. If you exceed the page count above 92, then you won’t get the desired binding, and the binding might come out of the booklet after 1 to 2 weeks.

Few things to keep in mind about saddle stitch

There are certain things that you should always keep in mind about saddle stitch. The first thing is that if you want to get a smooth flat appearance of your book, never exceed the mentioned page count with saddle stitch. The second thing is that you won’t be able to print anything on the spine of the saddle stitch so if you want to get your entire pages published, this binding type is not for you.