Rigid boxes use as a gift on various festivals and occasions

Rigid boxes use as a gift on various festivals and occasions

Gifts are the main source of festivals and occasions. All and sundry exchanging the gifts on various functions and events. But everything that you can want to gift requires a stunning and fascinating packaging to make you memorable and recognizable in the mind of the consumers. On this subject, you can use various sorts of designs and styles of boxes to make your gift cartons out of the box. The tantalizing and best way to make your gift cases stunning you can use custom options. 

 Customize solutions:

These solutions bestow the opportunity to make your gift boxes according to the desires of the consumers and demand of the product. Such solutions add the pizzazz look in the product packaging to make more vying to grab the attention of the consumers. Such options are broken down in several sections that are incredibly paramount for the overwhelming image of the brand. Here is the list of these options for you:

  • Bestowing rigid look
  • Selecting material
  • Style of the box
  • Fascinating design of the cartons
  • Awesome add on options
  • Use of lamination
  • Font size 
  • Typography style
  • Decorative accessories. 

You can select any sort of option to make your containers excellent and alluring by using these awesome options as per your requirement. In addition to this, the most amazing options are custom rigid boxes for packing your prestigious gifts

Custom rigid boxes:

Such boxes are entirely making as per the demand of the consumers. It is made from the heavy card stock that is quite thick and strengthened for bearing the weight of the products Custom rigid boxes bestow the lure and tantalizing look to your product that is packaged inside the box. These awesome boxes add value to your product and make them bull eyes for the consumers. You can make it more customized by using amazing printing options.  

How to make you them fancy and purposeful for the occasions?

The answer to the question is quite easy and also told above. Packaging brands offer a variety of options to make rigid gift boxes unique for versatile events and festivals. In this regard, you can use the innumerable options to make your rigid box accurate for the festive. These options are entailing below for your ease; 

  • Use of Foiling on wedding rigid boxes
  • Adopt laser cutting on the lid of the rigid box for Valentine’s Day
  • Printing your rigid gift boxes according to Christmas
  • Use ghost pictorials with embossing effect for Halloween
  • Insertions decorative accessories on the birthday gifts

Use of Foiling on wedding rigid boxes:

Foiling is one of the best ways to make your rigid gift cartons preeminent for the consumers. In this process, you can use gold and silver shade for printing the design and text on the surface of the box. You can easily use the foiling on any sort of material. But when you apply on the rigid cases it bestows the appealing appearance of the prestigious present you would make them an apple eye for everyone in the wedding parties. You can use foiling on the cases by various methods that entail below for you:

Adopt laser cutting on the lid of a rigid box for Valentine’s Day:

The trend of using the laser cutting on the lid of the box are common in masses. A lot of brands use this technique to make your product packaging delightful for the audience. It is made with heavy gadgets that are creating thin and complex design patterns with cuttings through lasers rays on the boxes. By using this technique on the lid of your rigid cartons make the gift classy and lavish to present in front of their dearest people. This luxuries style make bestow the listing benefits:

  • Make you memorable for a long time
  • Add the value in your gifts
  • Use to pack various sorts of gifts like jewelry, watch, tie, cufflinks, and edibles

Printing your rigid gift boxes according to Christmas:

The printing design patterns bestow the final look to your product in an elegant way. Whenever you can print the design on the box it provides the clue for identifying the product that would be packed in the box. For instance, you can print a dark chocolate volcano image on the box. So, it gives the clue to pack some chocolate and truffles are packing inside the box. 

So, when you can give the chocolates and any sorts of a product on Christmas, it is mandatory to make gift cartons according to this event. In this regard, you can add some twist to make your Christmas rigid gifts boxes eye-catching that are like to be them:

  • Use Santa Clause image on the cartons
  • Adding the Christmas tree on the box
  • Make the design pattern with red and green shades 
  • Use of red and green ribbons on the boxes 
  • Apply light embossing effect on the Santa image

By using these tactics you can make your custom printed rigid boxes out of the box and elegant.  

Use ghost pictorials with embossing effect for Halloween:

The Halloween event shows that all hurdles and problems of half years are passing and the upcoming time brings happiness. This event is celebrating all over the globe warm fully. By using embossments on the Halloween rigid boxes you can make it engrossing for the target audience. To make your Halloween rigid gift boxes more entrancing and attractive for the consumers, you need to follow some listing points:

  • Use embossing effects on ghost images
  • Apply this effect on the skull image on the external side of the Boxes
  • Bestow the embossing texture to the pumpkin image on the cartons. 

You can print all these effects on wholesale boxes. Because custom wholesale rigid boxes are available at affordable rates to serve a large number of products for Halloween events. 

Insertions decorative accessories on the birthday gifts:

By inserting the awesome collection of decorative material on the rigid cases, you can enhance the beautification of your birthday gift boxes in a seductive way. On this subject, you can use this listing options:

  • Glitter
  • Tapes 
  • Beads
  • Laces
  • ribbons
  • Bunch butterflies

You can use all the above things to make your birthdays’ rigid boxes outstanding and overwhelming look of gifts for the audience. The accessories are using as per the age and gender. Likewise, you can use pink ribbon and silver glitter for decoying the gifts for a little and innocent girl.

Wrapping up the things:

The gist and the essence of the above discussion tell the ways of fancy rigid boxes for serving as gift boxes on various occasions and events. Like you can make your rigid boxes more customized for the audience by inserting some awesome and special effects. Succinctly speaking, you can use foil stamping, embossing and awesome print with the eco-friendly toners for making enchanting rigid boxes. Plus the use of laser cutting makes your boxes incredibly unique to grab the attention of the audience in the crowd. Now it is your time to find more ways to make your rigid boxes awesome.