Custom boxes solutions

Lamination and coating options for cardboard boxes

The packaging is the thing that is viewed by the customer in the first look. And the retail and cosmetic sellers pay full attention to the design and dimensions of the packaging. As the research shows that almost 70 percent of the customers consider the quality of the packaging before buying any product. And when it comes to costly products, then each inch of the box and container become imperative for the customers. 

However, it is found that after some duration, the colors of printed information or designing of the boxes began to fade. And the shine of the packaging also vanishes due to tearing impacts. In this way, the investment of the customers that is invested in the packaging wasted. 

So, to tackle this issue, packaging engineers introduce various sorts of laminations and coatings. The main purpose of all these coatings is to protect the packaging beauty as well as inside products from the damaging impacts such as moisture, heat, fading, wearing. Some coating is discussed in further articles that enhance your information. 

The four major types of coating that are used for the packaging are:

  • Aqueous coating of the cardboard boxes
  • UV coating of the boxes
  • Glossy lamination of the cardboard packaging

To understand the use and application purpose of each coating separately, you need to read further articles. 

Aqueous coating of the cardboard boxes:

First in the list is the aqueous coating, and it is a water-based coating that is applied to the various packaging solutions after printing design and information on it. However, it is typically used for the packaging of food, retail, and household products. Another benefit of this coating is that it is an eco-friendly coating and does not leave any sort of bad impact on the environment. The great feature of this coating is that once it is applied on the box, then it makes the printing and design of the cardboard boxes long-lasting.

UV coating of the boxes:

It is another sort of coating that is purposed for reflecting the UV rays that are harmful to the products. There are two types of UV coating.

  • Matte UV coating.
  • Glossy UV coating. 

However, the custom cardboard boxes as the name shows are generated on the requirement of the customer. So, it is also the customer choice to apply coating on the box or not. 

Glossy lamination of the cardboard packaging:

This coating is only to grant the shimmery and glittery look to the packaging. As the name depicts, it is a gloss lamination that makes the surface of the box mirror-like. And when light is falling on this mirror-like surface, it reflects back and creates the shiny view. Mostly the cosmetics and luxury products are packed in the glossy boxes that contain this glossy lamination. 

The facts discussed in the above articles show that the laminations and coatings play a pivotal role in making the packaging long-lasting as well as attractive. And if you need to upgrade the look of the packaging, then these laminations are suitable for your custom packaging