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How to Load Scotch Packaging Tape Dispenser?

Tape dispensers can make packaging boxes easy as well as efficient. One needs to know how to use a tape dispenser carefully. This is because shipping companies send those packages back which do not get taped well. You should keep in mind that it may be rather a tricky loading tape within a dispenser, but when everything gets set up, the dispenser can save much time. Read on to find out how to properly load scotch packaging tape dispenser.

Step 1

Find the end of the scotch tape. If a new roll is being loaded, the end must be properly marked. If the roll is a used one, then run your fingernail around it to see where the end is located. You will start off by inserting your roll of packaging tape, i.e., scotch, onto the big dispenser wheel. This will be on the top-right particularly of your tape dispenser having its handle grip specifically to the right. You need to position the tape roll in a way that it unwinds having its sticky side facing down when the dispenser gets pulled backward. Do this properly so that the scotch will come out easily. It is tough if not done correctly.

Step 2

When the above has been done, you will then pull the front end of your tape roll via the slot among the dispenser roller as well as a metal guide. This guide may be held open when you press down upon the extended metal tab. You need to make sure that the sticky side of the scotch is facing down or it can be away from the blade’s edge. When the tape is in the wrong way, this will stick annoyingly to the dispenser roller. Therefore the sticky side must face down.

Step 3

You now need to pull up the scotch so that the tape gets over the cutting bar or your serrated blade. You have to be careful over here not to cut yourself upon the sharp blade. When wanting to test the dispenser, you need to pull a slight amount of tape out moreover cut the tape using the serrated blade. This can also be done by pressing it carefully against a box then pulling back to be certain that the tape unwinds as well as adheres properly.

Step 4

Now adjust the tension upon the dispenser (i.e., in the center of its large dispenser wheel). This is to set a smooth, unwind mechanism to occur. If you do it properly, then your tape will come out comfortably. It is important to know that the cutting blade tends to be sharp. Yo, therefore, have to use it carefully. Also, be aware when loading as well as adjusting the tension. Now the tape dispenser can be used. Follow the above steps properly. You don’t want the shipping company returning your product because you did not use the tape dispenser properly.