What and How

How custom mailer boxes benefit your shipment?

Nowadays, in the modern era, many people not go visiting the market for the whole day from searching out the products for buying. They prefer to buy their products through e-commerce and online dais for buying products. In this regard, the e-commerce business has a special element of the shipment of the products from one place to another. In the transformation process a list of sensitive product’s face problem for securing.  Every product that can sale out by e-commerce need attention in packaging because of listed reasons:

  • Security with elegancy of products
  • Diminishing of sensitive items
  • Leakage of liquid products
  • De shaping of solid and substantial products

On this subject, the best way is to use custom mailer boxes. Such boxes are entirely customized as per the need of the consumers. Packaging brands make this box style more customize regarding the listing areas.

  • Sizes
  • Material strength
  • Printing logo and brand name
  • Security measures
  • Bar codes
  • Use of labels

Mailer box:

This box-style has a double wall with an interlocking system. It is a one-piece box that has double-wall one wall is the box wall and second walls are turning on this wall. Also, an attached lid that has two interlocking flaps that are tuck ends in the walls like sealed packaging. It is auto bottom liken other styles of boxes like a gable. The benefits of these features will be clear in further discussion.

Using strong material:

The material of the box considers a lot in for bestowing the lionizing and dedicated quality of boxes. By using corrugated, the material you can make your boxes durable and substantial to bearing the load of heavy products. Also, these boxes are famous for the excellent strength of materials.

Corrugated material having zigzag flutes between the two front and back panels. The size of flutes decided the pressure of air that is needed to protect the product. This material has the ranges of versatile flutes that are enlisting below:

  • A flute is shows 1/4 inches thickness
  • B flute is shows 1/8 inches thickness
  • C flute is showing 3/16 inches thickness
  • E flute is show 1/16 inches thickness

Packaging brands use these flutes to make mailers boxes for various products according to the need. You can also select the material as wholesale packaging. Because custom mailer boxes wholesale also give the opportunity to the choice of the sizes of flutes as per your product demand at affordable rates.   Now it’s time to put lights on more features and benefits of mailer boxes for the shipment.

  • Bestow protection from durability
  • Inter-locking flaps escalate the capability to protect the heavy products
  • Having space to filling foams
  • Serve repurposing through reusing
  • Mostly uses in warehouses
  • Adopting for fragile products:
  • Briefcase mailer boxes provide easiness to carry

Bestow protection from durability and double walls:

The first and foremost benefits of mailer cases are to provide the protection and security of the product from many harmful factors. In the shipment process, our products are suffering from diminishing because of environmental issues.

For instance, sensitive products having a fear of threat and diminishing into a cold environment like candles. So they need secure protection with laminations that offers the securing temperature to retain this product. To fulfilling this need, brands use durable double walls.

Inter-locking flaps escalate the capability to protect the heavy products:

Two strong interlocking flaps bestow us the opportunity to closure the box-like sealed pack packaging of the product. These two flaps are the most significant feature of mailer boxes. Without these flaps, the mailer box losing it important because of it never close strongly. Whenever you can enclose the box these two flaps are locked between the walls. For this reason, it’s completely ready to bear the heavyweight of products.

Having space to filling foams:

Custom mailer packaging boxes offer the space to fill with fillings and cushions for protecting the gadgets and glassy products. Such boxes are also available in exact sizes but having some space to fill up the safety fillings in the left space of boxes. The list entails the security fillings things are like to be them:

  • Styrofoam’s
  • Foam fillings
  • Cushions fillings
  • Air pillow bags
  • Cuttings of papers and foams

All the above material has an important place to protect your sensitive gadgets from harmful effects.