Five types of folding boxes with images

The folding boxes are quite in demand among the packaging market for packaging. The primary reason for the excessive request for these boxes is that they are durable and sturdy enough to hold the products in them. Other than that they are manufactured by using eco-friendly material that keeps the environment safe as well.

The folding boxes can be sued for multiple packaging purposes and there use quite simple; the folding boxes are made with the material such as, cardboard, paperboard or corrugated cardboard that is readily available in the market. There are multiple types of folding boxes that you can use to pack your product. Some of the most common types of folding boxes are mentioned below with their images so you can give them a quick look and choose the best for you.

Straight tuck end folding box

This comes under the most commonly used type of folding boxes. You can pack any product in such type of folding box easily. This type of folding box is unique because it has a transparent window at the front panel that makes it possible that the customers can have a look at the product packed inside this folding box. Both top and base fenced-in areas “fold” from the front bit to the back segment of the crate, avoiding any rough edge introduction. The straight tuck ends are being used with multiple types of boxes, and they are readily available in the market. They are affordable and go well with all kinds of products.

Reverse tuck end box

This type of box is usually called an RTE box. These boxes are designed in a way that their top closures come from the behind towards the front whereas, the below closure heads from the front to the back. The opening and the closing of this box are quite easy keeping the quality of the box fabulous. The box is quite durable and can be used as a long term packaging folding box.

Seal end box

These are among the unique type of folding boxes as their bottoms are commonly sealed. These boxes come in different kind of designs, shapes, and sizes. It depends upon you that what type of product you will pack in it and does it goes well with that product or not?

Tuck end auto bottom box

These boxes are anything but difficult to crease. They are likewise pre-stuck from both sides just as the base zone. Interest for anyone of a kind size, shape, shading, or plan that will increase the value of your business and brand, and we will alter it for you immediately. The tuck end auto bottom box is continuously prepared to convey astounding protective box packaging that will take your business to the following level.

Snap lock bottom This is the type of folding box that is not closed with the help of a machine. It’s both ends. Hands close them. They are perfect for the packaging of medicines or cosmetics.