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Five methods of how to save ink when printing

The inks used in the printer to print the design on the material are quite expensive, and one cannot afford to buy them frequently. The cost of the ink also affects the choice of the printer that you want to buy. Most of the printers require a lot of inks to develop the design on the paper or any other material, but there are a few tips with you that can reduce the amount of ink that is required in the printers. These tips are the successful one, and we assure you that you’ll be satisfied by using these tips.

Print preview

We all know about the print preview option on our screens. It is the tool that lets you examine the print before it is printed out. Print preview is a good way to see if your document needs any editing or not. This option will let you see if there is an extra page that needs not to be printed or any adjustments are required in the document that you are going to print. For sure, in this step, you will make several changes and might delete some pages. So this step will help you save your ink and avoid wasting it to print unnecessary documents.

Draft mode

Draft mode is an instrument that enables archives to be printed with almost no organizing. The printed archive will be a “test form” of your last duplicate. It enables you to perceive what your last printed record will resemble while sparing ink.

To accomplish this mode, go to Microsoft word, click on the files option, click on options, and go on the advanced option in the pop-up menu. You’ll see a general option, click on that, after that select allow opening a document in draft view. After that click on OK and then below the view tab, you’ll see the draft option, click on it.

Use color ink only when required

This is the most common tip that we all must adapt. If our documents can go well without being color printed, then we should always choose monochrome printing (printouts in black and white). This method will help you to save a lot of ink while giving you long-lasting ink marks on the paper. Most of the official documents are preferred to be printed black and white, so it is important that if you want to save the ink, keep your document simple.

Use print friendly

When printing web pages, you are going to waste a lot of ink. To avoid using excessive ink and yet getting the best web page, use print-friendly. It is an online tool that converts the web pages into PDF forms; it removes the unwanted advertisements, unwanted navigation and many other unnecessary things on your web page. It prints only the important elements and saves a lot of ink and paper.

Use different font

This is a mini yet easy tip that all can follow easily to save a lot of ink. If you use the right font for your document you can save a lot of ink with it and with that you can also save money. For example, use times new roman, instead of using Arial as times new roman uses 27% less ink than Arial.