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White color is the sign of peace and elegance, and white box packaging comprises of non-branded simple cartons that are fabricated by using different sort of eco-friendly material. Customarily, these white boxes are constructed from cardboard and corrugated sheets. You can pick a custom white box of any size, styles, shapes, and structural design like straight tuck in, reverse tuck in, hexagon, 1-2-3 bottom or liked. On the other hand, if you wish to print labels and particular information such as warnings, instructions then custom printed white boxes are excellent packaging option. The customers also cherish white cardboard boxes with unique features like having windows on top, pillow-shaped, and boxes with lid and without Lid. However, all these styles are available for customers at special discounted and wholesale rates for bulk orders of the white boxes to the customers. Add to this white boxes are also able to craft the appearance of your gift in more dignified manners to serve this purpose our experts add alluring embellishments to the white gift boxes.

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White Boxes-Elegant touch of simplicity:

White is a color of elegance and simplicity; that is the reason customers choose white storage boxes. It is the fact that white color is attractive and appeals to the customers. Another fact is the labels and printings look more visible on the white packaging. In this way white cases ensure the visibility of instructions and handling detail about the particular product. 

Custom solutions for your white cases:

Customization is always top of the list in the decisions of packaging as the brand requires a complete package that is able to serve for the purposes of marketing. White packaging boxes facilitate the customer to pack the products appropriately as it comes in all sizes.

When it comes to sizes, then it is a known fact that all the products are not of similar sizes. The customer requires a box that suits the specific size of their product. Large white cardboard boxes are applicable to the packaging of big size products. In the comparison of large size cases small size boxes are used for the small size products. We offer all sizes from small to extra-large for the custom white boxes

The custom options are not limited to the size we also offer these packaging solutions according to your desired style and shape. Pillow, rectangular, pyramid and other liked stylish shapes are offered to the customer to enhance the outlook of the package.

 White gift boxes that are exclusive decorative options are there that entail ribbons, glitters, and flowers. However, these boxes are also offered in two-piece white gift boxes with lids.  The size of gifts is also not the same, and packagers offer divergent sizes small white gift boxes for small gifts. We also have alluring white favor boxes for different events with full personalization options. 

Material that constructs your boxes a complete package:

The most imperative chunk of packaging is the selection of righteous material for the packaging. The selection of material also depends on the purpose for which the packaging is going to serve. Like if you require large size robust white cartons for shipping the products then corrugation is best for the preparation of such cartons. 

On the other hand, packages for small and sensitive products that are going to be displayed on the retail racks are made from cardboard sheets. For routine product packaging white cardboard boxes are the best packaging solution. 

Eco-friendly packaging material is also available for customers who require a package that is recyclable. So, if you need to contribute your share in keeping the clean environment do try these eco-friendly white cases

Your product packaging your designing choice:

We always welcome the designs and styles that our customers communicate with us. We put our efforts to provide you what you want. As we know the worth of your decision making for your product packaging and our priority is to satisfy the customers by providing the as it is package that they desire. This quality-made our brand let shine in all our competitors. 

We are master in producing out of ordinary white boxes for many retail products. Our range of white packaging involves white jewelry boxes, white mailer boxes, white pizza boxes, white lacquered boxes, white boxes for the photography, Plain white-colored cake boxes, and white cereal cases. 

Customize structural dimension in accordance with your specification:

White boxes and cartons are offered to customers with endless structural options. These options include white gable boxes, white boxes with lid, white glossy 2 pocket folder, white reverse tuck box, and white window box for the clear view of an inside product. All these magnificent structural options are available as per the demand of the customers.  

Add-ons that amuse your style of packaging:

Never forget to have a look at additional add-ons that we offer and have the capability of amplifying your packaging appearance. These add-ons we offer for the white box packaging entails the following.

  • White wooden pattern 
  • Different white-colored textures. 
  • Transparent Window sheets
  • Die-cuts of any of shape 
  • UV coating to protect the package 
  • The interior lining of cloth for example silk, linen, and Satan
  • Embossing and debossing typography impacts
  • Glossy and mate effects
  • Gold foil and silver foil stamping for logos

Why The City Of Packaging for your white box packaging?

You choose us for your packaging solution because of some reasons that are enlisted below:

Efficient and affordable prices:

The rates we offer are not just low but also competitive for the wholesale white boxes. Add to this we also offer quantity discounts for bulk orders that reduce the prices to a minimal level. We add no hidden or extra designing cost in the final prices of the packages. Our white shipping boxes are also available for the customers at the lowest affordable rates. This is the first reason you consider our brand for your packaging. 

Our preference is your satisfaction:

The next thing that comes after the price is quality. We focus on delivering outstanding quality for your packages from material to printing and dispatching. All the details of your packaging are stuffed with quality. For those customers who require custom printed white boxes we offer options of printing any text they want to have on their boxes. Such as logos, brand name, and other product-related writing material. 

On-time delivery 

Time is always money in the business, and we care for your time. Our shipping team takes full responsibility for delivering your packaging products at your door-steps on time. Delays are always discouraged from our side, and we deliver after the payment and approval of design within ten business days. 

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White Boxes