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Sleeve boxes packaging proficient box style for the glamorous packaging. Your products are protected if you pack them in sleeve cases as these are originated in dual layers; one is a tray, and other is its covering. One portion is known as tray and other is sleeve so collectively named as tray and sleeve box. So, these boxes are durable packaging selection for varieties of items. Now the question is what type of products require such an elegant box. It is totally depending on the will of the customer but some famous products that looks more elegant when annexed with sleeve boxes are chocolates, jewelry, watches, ornaments and candles. The City Of Packaging is honored to provide endless custom printing option to make the sleeve box packaging more interesting. Colorful designs and eye-catching display finished your product presentation in a complete manner so add tray and sleeve cases with your product and enjoy the amazing feedback of your customers concerning to your product display. For attaining amazing discount offers order our wholesale sleeve boxes as soon as possible.

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Sleeve boxes are open at both ends and made up of cardboard, corrugated and form the trays when folded. These are shipped in flat surface and fold able, your products are secure and safe in these sleeves. COP offers various customized and personalized shapes depending upon the item’s size, weight, and requirements. Such custom sleeve boxes are printed in no color, CMYK + 1 PMS color, CMYK + 2 PMS colors, white and full color. Add to this we have a couple of finishing add-ons that comprises the aqueous coating, UV coating, matte, glossy, embossing, and debossing typography. Inclusion to this, foil stamping and other metallic pattern options are produced.

What are the sleeves?

Sleeves are used to display the products when the box is opened. These are like sliders, and slider expresses the inside packed products gradually. These are used to store the products and display them to the customers in the right way. Such customized boxes for the sleeves, have elegant look, your desire artwork printed and use as the right promotional tool for your products. 

What offer?

We have an array of customization options, with variation in material, sized, designs, and styles. We have mesmerizing, enliven and invigorating, motifs and themes for venerated customers. Such accentuating and ubiquitous influenced coveted custom printed sleeve boxes are available with die-cutting, scored, gluing, window patching and perforation. Inclusion to this, we have free shipping, no hidden charges and free designing across the USA. 

How to order sleeve packaging boxes? has the simplest 3 step procedure for the production of wholesale sleeve packaging. This process contains information gathering, printing, and delivery. Moreover, live representative chat guides from scratch in every single step. This process made sleeve boxes wholesale affordable and revealed the opulent look in the box as we are tinkering our techniques and passionate to help you in your business. We print what you need, and what pleases your customers, overwhelming templates of the sleeve boxes are presented, rest your designs and artwork are also welcome. You can Email us [email protected] and call us any time +1 603-3180-487, or start a live chat. You can also get a free quote and request for the callbacks. 

Features of the custom printed tray and sleeve box

Such sleeves have custom sizes, and these are branded, logo printed on them. This logo printing conveys the brand message to your buyer’s persona and escalates your sales. These are adjacent to the create your sleeve boxes; we have designers team that provide free revisions and designs. Additional add-ons are used to provide opulent look to the cartons and make them provoking and whipped up the customers. Foil stamping, coating, UV coating, stamping, patterns, textures, and multicolor printing features are available here. 

Personalization packaging sleeve options

The inner and outer surface is printed, and this enhances the unboxing experience. Such personalized holders grab the attention of the customers and use for all product lines of the retail, cosmetics and food items. Through personalization you can opt for every design, style, and shape. Our most sold sleeves comprise the;

  • Soapbox sleeves
  • Brown cardboard CD sleeves
  • Cigarette box sleeve
  • Golf ball sleeve boxes
  • Card stock sleeves
  • personalized cd sleeves

Such sleeve boxes are available all the time, and some time used for the gift. Sliding sleeve boxes are used to pack the presents and favorable for all kinds of products. That’s why we put forth the right solutions for you and yield up to the mark and up to the standard cartons. You will be blown away, with the spectacular boxes with enticing couture for the products. Auspicious, joyous and opulent look bowl sleeves and CD sleeves are used to display the products. 

Different materials we offer for the production of the tray boxes

We use on-demand, customized, and readily available material for the die cutting, and as a finishing add-on. We have a percent for the delivering cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated made packaging sleeves. Such Kraft sleeves are used for soaps, cosmetics, and other moisturized items packaging. Add to this; cardboard is used for the business cards, custom gift card sleeves, and soap sleeve packaging. Custom tray and sleeve boxes can be used for any product. Either you are a retailer or manufacturer these are best for you when appropriately printed. 

Who needs cheap boxes sleeves?

We have a couple of box sleeve template that is the basic need of all kind of products; such products comprise the CD’s, DVD’s, candies, chocolates, retail, manufacturer, couture manufacturer, soaps, toys, sports, and all premade food items. If you are a manufacturer of any of them, belong to the production or working as a supplier then these cardboard sleeves are for you. For the Software’s companies, wholesale cd sleeves at affordable prices with total customization are yielded here. also has templates and designs for the mailer sleeve boxes, and tie sleeve packaging accentuating motifs and invigorating designs. 

Eco-friendly Material for the green lovers

Kraft is the 100%recyclable and biodegradable material, and we suggest only Eco-friendly sleeve boxes for the delicious products. In addition to this, a special material mix for the sleeve packaging is available.

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