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Opulent as well as the elegant appearance of a product is a key impression in attracting the customers. Only packaging boxes are not able to provide the product with such impressive and upscale look. So, brands require to add something that enriches the value and personality of the product. Labeling the products also bestow an upgraded display to the product. And metallic labels made from six sorts of the vinyl material that includes silver chrome vinyl, brushed silver vinyl, gold chrome vinyl, brushed gold vinyl, rainbow chrome vinyl, and rose chrome vinyl is a superb and appealing label for the branded products. Gold, silver metallic labels are able to grant affluent unveil your prestigious logos on your products. And the reason for acquiring custom metallic labels by brands is to mark their logo as per their own choice and wish on the products. All such adhesive metallic labels are easy to stick on the products and available for the customers in the form of rolls and sheets. Although metallic gold and silver labels are highly in demand for labeling cosmetic products. High-tech printing options are used to produce fully personalized printable metallic labels that enhance the value of the label as well as product. Several times brand demand waterproof metallic labels to amplify the durability y of tags on the products, and that’s the reason we offer high-quality waterproof metallic labels with all customization options at the City Of Packaging for our customers.

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Metallic labels- grant a luxurious outlook to the package:

The reason for using metallic labels and tags is to endow an ornate outlook to a product package or a product. As the surface of the metallic label is shiny so it looks decorative when pasted on the product packaging. Generally, all such labels are produced from silver, gold and other metalized papers of distinctive colors. 

However, the process of printing on these papers is also easy and you can print them in inkjet and laser printer. These printing are available for invitation, product, address and more. You can produce any quantity of your own designed metallic inkjet labels with such paper stock. 

Suitable for all sort of quality product packaging:

All such businesses, producers, and brands who need to get their high-quality products remarked use the metallic labeling option for their products. As the metallic and foil labels are available in both waterproof and paper material so the customer can easily choose require metallic label option. 

We print the metallic labels for all sorts of product packaging whether it is cosmetic, retail or food. Instead of product packaging labels we also provide metallic label printing options for wedding invitations, favors, and decorations. 

Custom metallic labels that match with your product labeling demand:

The most imperative point takes into account before designing the elegant metallic labels is customization. Custom metallic labels are the best choice for labeling the products as it is made as per the specific requirement of the product and the brand. Different striking designs and divergent sizes are required for the metallic labels. 

However, the option of printing a logo, brand name, product name, and other data is also available for personalized metallic labels. This information tells the product story to the viewers and encourages more sales of the product. Add to this you can also promotional stuff on the face of the labels. 

Types of metallic labels that version your products impressively:

Printing labels need some expertise and professional approach and in order to add such qualities in our metallic label printing, we print different types of metallic labels as per the choice of the venerated customers. Some common metallic label types are:

  • Adhesive labels with silver or gold foiling.
  • Glued labels 
  • double-sided metallic labels
  • metallic film labels
  • clear metallic labels
  • gold metallic label

Moreover, metallic sticker labels are used for the printing machines and equipment so, these must be durable and long-lasting. 

Add-ons that intensify the presentation of the metallic labels:

The presentation of the products counts a lot especially in the case of the branded products. So, all brands need to add something more than average packaging. The add-ons that we offer for your products have the power of amplifying the beautification of your packaging and made it luxurious. We offer our customers the following add-ons for their metallic labels. 

  • Foil stamping of the metallic labels. 
  • Die-cut foil stickers and labels. 
  • Embossed foil labels with alluring appearance. 
  • Clear label with gold foiling
  • Silver metallic film labels
  • Glossy metallic labels
  • matte metallic labels

All the above-mentioned add-ons are able to make a clear distinction among the rivaling products. So, if you need a new updated version of your product packaging then try these for your metallic label printing

Our capabilities in providing out of crowd metallic and foil labels:

We print your metallic labels efficiently, accurately and standard methods opt. We offer three types of printings;

  1. Offset printing
  2. Digital printing
  3. Screen Printing
  4. Flexographic Printing

We have extended testing labs, big warehouses and storage houses. Such printing methods are constantly being used in the industry since past. We have quantity discount offers on bulk and wholesale productions. Inclusion to this, no hidden charges, and on-time delivery make us different from others.

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