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Custom mailer boxes are versatile, robust and set your product apart in the industry. So, stylish, rigid, solid and robust cartons are used for shipping and limitless purposes. These are best used for the e-commerce packaging, gift packaging, subscription, and non-food items packaging. Their customization is easy, and your own ark work is printed on them. Custom sizes are considered as the best fit for the product’s packaging and custom mailer boxes with logo printed on them and visual graphics lift up your products to the next level. This helps you in standing out of the crowd, look different and retain the safety of the product. You can get a free quote right now for the cardboard made mailer boxes! Protective dust flaps, self-locking, both sides printing, Eco-friendly materials, 2D and 3D mockups and templates, with digital/CMYK/full-color printing, make the box sturdy, valuable and up to the mark. Your products are delivered in provoking, personalized and accentuating ways and improve the user experience. Essentially, these should be sturdy, robust and rigid, this is what you obtained from us. Our widest design motifs, customization options yield the best solutions for the DVDs, books, electronic gadgets, heavyweight items, and all other items. In addition to this, these are the best use for non-fold able items like; maps, documents, notebooks, with tuck top, and tuck in structure. These are equally used for the shipping, work as a specialty box, mailer tubes and tuck top corrugated cartons. These are made up of Eco-friendly, cardboard and corrugated (multi flutes) materials.

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Nowadays the e-commerce businesses are on their peak. All and one found it quite easy to go online and shop for their desired product from different online brands. Where the demand for e-commerce products enhances the competition also enlarged side by side. And the out of the box presentation becomes the focused area of all e-commerce businesses. However, the presentation at the time of the unboxing of the product also matters a lot for creating a positive image of the brand. So, the packaging engineers design a high-quality and robust packaging solution for all such sort of packaging.

And this particular packaging is known as mailer packaging. The double-wall structure of the box makes it more protective even for sensitive products like glass made items and food. On the other hand, the interlocking flaps are also attached to enhance the strength of the mailer boxes. The amazing thing that is offered to the customers regarding the custom mailer packaging is the freedom of selection. Yes! You can make your mailer cases according to your product and brand requirements. So, select the size, style, color theme and other options totally in accordance with your need and create relevancy among your brand and the packaging. For this purpose, the city of packaging a renowned packaging brand offer the custom mailer boxes with a wide range of size, coloring, styling and other options.

Mailer boxes- Protective transportation packaging solution:

As the name shows that this mailbox packaging is a case that provides a secure journey to your artifacts as well as commodities. So, if you need a package that safely delivers your products to their destination these boxes are suitable for storing options. However, these paperboard containers are purposefully designed to store and deliver the products safely. 

Add to this, due to their interlocking flaps and wings it is quite easy to assemble without any adhesive material and glue. Their double sidewalls make them more long-lasting and durable. 

Versatile collection of mailer boxes with custom sizes and designs:

As the packaging needs and brand requirements of all the customers are not the same. Due to this packaging providers offer an array of options that entails divergent sizes from small to large, different color schemes like CMYK and full color, alluring designs that match with your imagination and styles that bestow extraordinary look to the products. 

These options make the custom mailer boxes not only elegant but also a unique one. So, if you need a packaging solution that creates a unique identity of your brand these packaging solutions are fit for you. However, different structural dimensions for the mailer boxes are also available that entails tuck top mailer box, and die-cut mailer boxes

Facilitate for all sort of gift, product, and e-commerce packaging:

We deliberately provide mailer boxes that suit almost all sorts of needs of the customers. If you need a mailer package for sending gifts, we offer decorative mailer boxes for that purpose. Instead of this if you need a product packaging solution that ensures the secure delivery of the sensitive products we have a collection of product mailer boxes.  

For e-commerce businesses the demand mailer boxes are exclusive and they require mailer boxes wholesale and in bulk quantity. For such type customers, we provide special cheap mailer boxes and quantity discounts. 

Custom printed mailer boxes that grant a personality to your packaging:

Businesses require a box that is equipped with sufficient information about a particular brand. Like logo, brand name, and other data. So, we provide the option to print custom mailer boxes to the clients as per their brand requirements. Whether you need a simple blackmailer box with your logo or need a multi-color printing of the mailer boxes we provide all sorts of printing options. 

Materials in which mailer boxes are available:

Mailer boxes are made up of different materials that vary as per the demand and purpose of the packaging. some of the common types of mailer cases as per the material are:

  • Corrugated mailer box 
  • cardboard mailer box
  • Kraft mailer boxes