Gable Box Auto Bottom

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Gable boxes are like gable roof shape; this shape is associated with the roof. Gable boxes have ample space inside, that’s why these are suitable for the small, medium and large size items. Inclusion to this, the high-quality cardboard material, one top handle, interlocking of sides make them sturdy, durable and up to the mark. One-piece handles are added at both sides, and these are sufficient to carry the whole gable weight including the inside product. The auto bottom concept relates to the opening and closing when stretched close respectively. Such cartons have auto bottom, so these can be folded and unfold quickly with auto bottom lock. These are shipped in flat surface, gable in shape with automatically lock the bottom when stretch and come ideally in form. Their flat formation, unique style handles and classic look make them attractive, and these are best used for retail, food, gift, non-food and display packaging purposes.

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