Copper Foil

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The city of Packaging is custom copper foil boxes supplier and manufacturer in the USA. We have all kinds and shapes of boxes with a metallic shade of copper. Through customization, you can get any dimension, any shape, and style of the box. These are also used as favor boxes at weddings, and other events. We have foil striped favor boxes, copper foil gabble boxes, foiled favor boxes, and pillow shape boxes with copper foiling. Such foiling appends an extra appealing look and aesthetical sense in the box. You can get wholesale customized and personalized copper foil boxes in all shapes here. In addition to this, we have 2piece boxes, bottom closures, and top closure styles. These are just a few clicks away from you.  We deal in all materials, either you are looking for cardboard or corrugated material we are here to provide you up to the mark solutions. Actually, custom copper foil boxes are used for the display of shades, color, and marks on the box. You can also place a seal of copper on the box that represents your product and make them different from other competitors. We have all metallic shades foils, either you’re looking for green, blue or burgundy; we are here to provide you all of these.

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