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Unique, colorful, and creative candy boxes bestow an elegant appearance to the candies while placed on the counters of retail outlets. Our candy boxes provide complete storage to sweets while transporting from one location to another. Wholesale candy boxes are available for the customer at the lowest affordable prices. Customization of the box add quality to the packaging, and we offered highly customized and personalized packages to our customers. Get our custom candy boxes right now at discounted prices with free shipping.

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Getting custom candy boxes made easy – Earn you wished design cartons and bags for sweets

Congratulation! This is the premium source of candy boxes!

City of Packaging striking, conspicuous, impressive and appealing bags and custom candy boxes are fit for your desserts to look decorative and attractive. We have three steps the most straightforward procedure for designing, printing, and production. Next, these are protective and up to the mark packaging solution for the candies. You can obtain all sizes styles and shapes gift candy boxes for treats online. Our bulk production is cost efficient, and we print from small to the large size stylish candy gift boxes that contain a clear window for the candies display. Once these are produced then ship to the customers in the flat and fordable shape. This is because to save the volume of the cartons, you can easily fold them into the definite form. Next, to this, candy bags made up of cardboard, Kraft and box board material are used for the parties, wedding and momentous events.

Customized candy boxes are more protective – Here is the prove

For protective and up to the standard boxes, the requisites of the fence partitions, candy cups, pads, and trays are necessarily required. And the City of Packaging is the premium printing and packaging supplier of all these requisites. Our finished and rich –quality production can be re-decorated for the event by placing embellished items. These make them extraordinary appealing and such cartons are the best options for the Valentine and heart candies.

The branded small candy boxes with logo printed on them grab the attention of the passersby. And the logo on them make them branded, that’s why people love the brands. At the same time, these personalized cartons for the candies, confectioneries, and candy makers is a must have a thing for the business. So, through our customization, you can obtain themed and reliable packaging solutions and order the candy boxes online. The branded packaging help you in selling more candies at any duration of the year.

We have a wide range of Easter candy packaging, Christmas candy packaging, party candy gift boxes, and dozens of different types of packages on the website. First, try to opt for the best suitable box for your product. Don’t stump in the design and contact with one of our customer support representative. We are here to assist you in designing, you just need to put forth your opinion, and you will get the striking designs. Next, to this, our food packaging material is in compliance with the FDA rules. So, we are ambitious to provide you up to the mark, substantive, and robust solutions for candies. Here are the options for you.

  1. Kraft material, corrugated and paper made
  2. Totally customization
  3. Looks elegant and romantic
  4. Special quantity discounts
  5. Suitable for candies, chocolates, cookies, sweets, and donuts
  6. Good for gourmet products
  7. Most Economical
  8. Use as a gift
  9. Clear window options
  10. Wholesale prices

In spite of this, fence partitions are used for the separation and decoration of the candies. And the logo printed on them with window provides a clear view to the customer. That’s why we vow, the escalation in the sale and better branding of your product. In addition to this, these boxes are protective and use for the import and export of the candies. Here only the protective packaging with multiple layers and effects able to bear the strikes of the long journeys and retain the inside sweets fresh and edible. In this case, get wholesale candy boxes. First, these are affordable and have the potential to be protective. The one goes bulk production save time in repeat production and cost for you. Thus, wholesale candy packaging is proved to be the cost-efficient, and we have lots of quantity offers for bulk production.

Different materials we use for candy cartons manufacturing

We use the cardboard, corrugated, paper, Kraft and Bux board material for the production. Furthermore, we allude to obtain customized cartons as these are branded and persist a long term relation with the customers. As candy packaging boxes are considered as the marketing tool and whip up the emotions of the customer. Such boxes communicate with the customers and help them in opting for the best sweets. Check our toffees packaging, bags, wrappers, clear cartons, cardboard made tubes, in different sizes, and mock ups.  So, we have perfect candy packaging boxes for you!

For other confectioneries and bakery items, check our cake boxes, cupcakes boxes, chocolate boxes, and donuts boxes. As all the retail shops need good wrappers for merchandising the candy and lift up the sales, that’s why COP has launched its unique, eye-catching and stylish containers for sweets that are artistically designed and print within toxic ink.  We print cups and use CMYK, PMS, and plain fold able cartons. Some additional features are the following;

  1. Free shipping
  2. All sizes and customization options
  3. 2nd generation owned business
  4. Gable, pyramid, briefcase, pillow and rectangular, cubes and flip-top shapes
  5. Easy to assemble and fold
  6. Lighter card stock
  7. One piece and two piece cartons
  8. Attractive patterns and colors

Next, to this, we have a variety of the customized Easter egg boxes, candy apple boxes, plain white paper cartons, and you can grab the attention of the customers. In addition to this, metal foiling, silver, and gold color add the new luxurious look to the sweets. We have different shapes for the holidays like heart shapes, Halloween images, holly event, parties, and candy boxes with inserts are also available. So, customization adds extra value and make your products unique for others.

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City of Packaging is a printing and packaging company, that provides the customized and personalized printing, packaging and boxes solutions. We have delivered to the 100,000 individuals and business, the "Packaging with satisfaction". This number includes the startups as well as the large scale business in the USA, Canada and Australia. We have a 100,000 square foot production house, it is well equipped and we are tinkering the technology day by day.  we have 200 plus by box styles. 400 plus custom printed by industry boxes and 100 plus labels and stickers printing capacity at a same time. We have a team of 800+ experts, that comprises the packaging engineers, designers and quality assurance team with shipping agencies. We are a award winning, cardboard, corrugated, Kraft and paper boxes suppliers. We have A+ BBB rating, and SSL secure website for you and we assure you 100% guarantee and 100% bio-degrade able material on demand. we are providing high end finishing cartons since 1998. Get your quote here.