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We produce custom candle boxes that can stir emotions and made the purchaser attentive toward them, but you would get these awesome and luxury candle boxes wholesale at a very low-cost. Contrary to this, we also offer the custom printed candle boxes with your brand logs that show the creative image of your candle while presented in retail outlets. Our massive selection of candle entails all kind of candle boxes like colored candle boxes, corrugated candle boxes, round candle boxes instead of these we also offer Eco-friendly candle boxes for those who want to go green and contribute for cleaning the environment. So, add value and quality to your alluring candle display by our fantastic packaging solutions.

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Candle Boxes For Marketing

Candle boxes for marketing

Candle Boxes for Marketing

How to Use Candle Packaging for Marketing?

No doubt, the first and foremost purpose of packaging is the protection, safety and security of the inside candle sticks. Plus, this is also count as a marketing signal, it is the fifth P of marketing mix and it directly communicates with the customers. Once your customer satisfied with the box, you have triumph them. This ablaze the competition and stand you out of the crowd of competition. However, different locations and geographic have different conventions and traditions. Being a marketer targeting candle packaging to the right audience and appending perfection satisfy them. So, facilitate your business and deliberately grabs the entire community through packaging. 

Keep it Simple

“Simplicity is the mother of attraction”. This well-known phrase also works in the marketing of the candles at wholesale as well as retail level. The end consumer is trapped and sophisticated look is appealing in nature. Actually, printed boxes for the candles are aesthetically made, the main purpose behind this is marketing and targeting the middle and high class of the community. We depict and portray your brand message on the box and this highlight your business. Using low colors and 2-e colors printing make box simple and clean. Simple boxes for the candles directly catch the customers and aesthetically please them. So, increasing the product values maximize your profit. 

Understand who is buying your products

Understanding your buyer’s persona and targeting them through right channel is mandatory. As candles are used at the birthdays and kids candlesticks are different in shape texture and design than that of adult and old age persons birthdays. For instance, personalized candles that have a round shape or person's name is written are packed in stylish and kids formatting boxes. Here, the fonts, topography relevant to the kids is used. Plus, packaging for the different scents and flavors have different theme packaging and this helps marketers to sell more. So, understand who is going to buy customized candle packaging and design accordingly. 

Mention the required information – Content

Content on the candle box, either it is product text information or image of the candles, discussed by the buyers. By market research, find out what the people need and what factors are trendier in the industry of the candles. Brand conscious community follow the brands then you might focus on branding of the candles. On the other hand, deprived and marginalized communities are quantity conscious, simple and low-cost boxes also work great. So, packaging engineers recommend to append the following information on the box and make them self-marketing tool.
  1.       Place the logo of the company
  2.       Place the expiry and bar code on the box
  3.       Use proper stylish and likable fonts on the box that are related to the logo and other company visual audits.
  4.       Prices, candle image, Quantity, size, weight of the wax, and certification seals for the trust of the customers are also placed.

Add Window patching

Window patching provide a clear view of the inside candles and it is mandatory for the following needs;
  1.       It circulates the flow of air and restrains the moisture level inside the box
  2.       It provides a view to the customers and they feel satisfied after viewing that what they are going to buy
  3.       Stylish holes and die cuts make box more attractive
  4.       It helps in display and hanging on the wall
  5.       It is a great source of customer satisfaction
In addition to the window patching other finishing options make box appealing, eye-catching and likeable. Such windows are glued and taped. These tapes mainly include the double sided tapes and glued area. As, these are shipped in flat surface and can be glued easily. PVC, Poly vinyl chloride is used for the production of the windows and these are also called clear windows. Custom printed window candle boxes are widely used in the market since long. However, colorful windows are also used, such color contains the reddish, bluish ray effect and on demand color sheets. Such windows are feasible almost all kinds of cartons like; cardboard, Kraft and corrugation. Multiple sizes and dimension Windows in unique styles are used for the marketing. Few styles of the window die cuts are explained here;
  1.       Flower shape die cut holes
  2.       Square and rectangular geometrical shape cuts
  3.       Round and customize shape cutting 

Place your logo

Placing logo is the recognition of the brand and parent brand. For long term marketing strategy branding through the company logo is the backbone. According to the marketing, we need at least 7 impressions to sell the product. In first 7 impressions, the product builds the mind of the customer and grabs their attention, psychology. So, expressing your brand and highlighting your parent company leads to the success. In order to market your products, such effects on the logo make it prominent and visible.
  1.       Add Embossing effects to the logo
  2.       Add debossing and make your logo prominent
  3.       UV coating and Extra layers
  4.       Add fonts and typographic styles to the logo
  5.       Silver, gold, bronze and blue foiling make them more prominent
Always add your logo the box in a prominent way and spread the brand message to others. 

Add fonts

Stylish fonts grab the attention of the customer, and express your brand identity to others. Unique and stylish fonts present your brand. Here font size, style and finishing matter a lot. Fonts that are layered with extra ordinary effects are liked by customers and please aesthetically. Moreover, its color, texture, material, graphics, visual effects and changed the way of presentation and help marketers to attain the higher sales volume. Here are the top 5 wholesale decorative candle boxes fonts that are very common in packaging industry.
  1.       Futura font for the candle boxes
  2.       Pacifico candle packaging font style
  3.       Chunk five writing style for candle cartons
  4.       Seaside resort for decorative candle boxes
  5.       Museo slab font style printed candle boxes

Choose the right type of packaging

Packaging type also help in marketing, what your competitors are using and which is cost efficient for you. There are hundreds of boxes styles for candles but what you need is matter a lot for you. When designing new boxes for your candles, take care of these things;
  1.       Specification of the product
  2.       Competition in the market
  3.       Your budget
  4.       Cost of the candles
These factors directly affect the marketing strategy and switch you from general candle packaging to the luxury and specified packaging for the candles. These 4 factors can be analyzed and your right packaging for the candles could be set in the way. 

Focus on customers’ needs

This is what your customers want to see on the front side of the candle box. Stuff that attracts the ideal customers should be place in front side that displays the best in the shelves. Placing the prices tag, discount offers, brand name with log in the front size is feasible. On the other hand, bar codes, how to use instructions and sizes of the candles are placed in the back side. Plus, few styles that are liked by the customers that make them convenient in carrying and storing are preferred. Such preferences help the marketers in synchronizing their strategies and planning the enhance and effective marketing strategy.
  1.       1-piece boxes for the candles
  2.       2-piece candle boxes
  3.       Foldable and rigid candle boxes
  4.       Candle boxes with handles
  5.       Paper made candle boxes
  6.       Candle gift boxes
These styles are always under research observation of the customer and liked by them. As more customers are attracted the sales targets are achieved easily. Providing right match boxes for the candles for the customers within a limited budget is always challenging for entrepreneurs. But we help you in achieving this goal easily. 

Evaluate Competitors

In the challenging world of competitions, the competitor’s analysis for the candle packaging is necessary. Evaluating your competitors provide you the path and defined the success factors for you. Candle packaging competitor’s analysis includes the three steps.
  1.       The challenge stages – Here we collect information about the candle box of competitors
  2.       The solutions – Here marketers filter out the dominant competitors and analyze their portfolio
  3.       Results – Here marketers measure the results produced by switching to the new candle box
In marketing of the candle box, the material, price, style and shape of the candle box is also analyzed. 

Outer and inner Printing – Personalization

When consumer opens the box, the inside printing and personalization of the candle box, if appealing attracts and please them. For marketing perspectives, inner, outer and finishing printing options are helpful. We offer all such printing options for valuable products. Printing the relevant stuff and making unboxing experience better increase the brand loyalty, as a result there are more sales.

Need Help Design?

We have many designing tools, free sample templates, and dedicated designers consultancy. Avail free designs on order, however only designing assistant is also available.  Get a Quote! Free Templates & Designs Find a Designer!  

Candles are an imminent chunk of decorating the events and ceremonies instead of this fascinating and alluring candles are used for gifting on the special occasions to the loved ones. But for all of the above purposes cases and containers that are going to finish the appearance of the candles need to be as much bewitching as the candles are itself. The City Of Packaging is collecting efforts to produce out of ordinary packaging solution for your candles. Next, to this, we offer unique and distinctive boxes that are able to create differentiation among all rivaling products in the market.

What customization of packaging bring for your business?

All and sundry are too much concerned about purchasing the product that has superior appearance among all similar product. So, it is crucial for brands to bestow elegant display that others are not providing and it is only the packaging of the product that is able to do so. We collect all of our efforts to offer fully customized packaging solution for the candle packaging. These endless customization options entail numerous sizes, colors, and designs. But the excellent prospect of personalized printing in which customers are free to print their logos, brand messages, and other details provide distinctive identity to the product and let brand shine among all resembling brands.

Eco-friendly and bio-decomposable candle cases:

Decomposable Kraft material is used by our proficient production team to produce 100% recyclable candle containers. So, add these to your candles finishing and made your candles more favorable for your target audience.

Bestow proper shelter to your products:

Our printed candle boxes encompass a thin layer of UV coating that reflects the ultraviolet sunrays and other climatic impacts. So, in this way, these alluring candle box packaging enhances the shelf lives of the product and reduce the cost of damaging and mishandling. One the other hand, our candle packages are strong enough, and if you need to store the product for some time, these boxes are also favorable to protect and provide complete secure shelter to the products.

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High-tech printing of candle containers:

We use CMYK, and full-color printing options are capable of maintaining the smart and appealing presentation of the products. Although it required by the brands to use color schemes of candle packaging that matches the brand requirement. Advance printing options construct out of crowd candle packaging boxes for your candle packaging. We offer these candle cases to our customers at affordable rates. For bulk and wholesale orders of the candle cases, we grant special discounted prices to our customers.

Your Beloved Questions are answered

How can I design my candle packaging?

We design candle boxes for you. Just share your ideas, requirements or current design; we will print. Designing a candle box require expertise and a gradual process is followed. We use different softwares like photoshop adobe illustrator and fireworks. Such software’s provide vector base designs, 2D and 3D templates of the boxes. We need your product sizes, inside and outside printing colors and standards, quantity of the box, box style preferences, finishing options, die cutting of window, and delivery time. We will work for you as you are our best packaging partner. Our dedicated teams of candle packaging design help you in a better way. Designing by yourself long shape rectangular carton, round shape, cylindrical shape, cube shape boxes for candles is little bit abstruse unless you are fully expert.

Where can I find large and long candle boxes used for shipping?

We deal in printing and production small, medium and large sizes cartons for the candles. These are protective when shipping and safe for the fragile wax sticks. However, we print large size boxes on demand. There are few extra-large sizes that we might ignore because of shipping charges. If you are agreed to pay shipping charges then we print for you. However, we have free shipping for the small, medium, and large size boxes. But we charge for the extra-large sized boxes. However, we have free shipping for small and medium size boxes.

Where can I find best and high-quality custom candle boxes?

We have all standards of candle packaging; this is actually customization options and totally depends on your requirements. Quality and price of the box is directly proportional and increase side by side. We have all finishing options and variety of materials. For quality candle boxes printing and production start a live chat with our customer support team. We have custom logo printed candle boxes for the branding and publicity of the product.

Can we use such candle boxes for gifts?

Gifts boxes are decorative and we also print such decorative boxes in bulk quantity. However, we start from hundred boxes. Gifts boxes have unique shapes, textures, patterns, Pantone color standards and ribbons. Moreover, you can append handles, interlocking, auto bottom and other candle gift packaging options in the box.

What does window mean in the candle box?

Window patching is plastic PVC made sheet that is cut as per the size of die cut on the candle box. This is used for the following purposes.

  1. Demo of the product
  2. Style of the candles become visible
  3. Get view of candle shape
  4. Check the size of the candle

We add window in the candle boxes as per your demand.

Do we offer wholesale prices for printing candle boxes?

Yes, we have wholesale prices for all kinds of boxes, either these are simple candle boxes or retail product packaging. Moreover, prices may vary as per the quantity of boxes produced.

Do we offer luxury candle boxes?

Yes, we have totally customized and high-end finishing options that make your box luxury, opulent and appealing. We have rigid material made boxes, cardboard and Kraft with metallic foil stamping and rigid material is also available. All these boxes can be print over 300 styles and designs. You can check more designs here.

Do we have any sale for candle packaging?

We often offer sales offer, mainly these are end closing sales, Christmas sales, and holiday sales. There is no quality difference in regular production and sale production. The discount offered is a variated variable and change even every hour before ending the sale specified time.

What materials we use for candles packaging?

We deal in all major materials used for the candle boxes. Moreover, we also deal in on demand material, but this requires time for us to manufacture that material sheets and produce boxes for you. In addition to this, these are costlier. Usually we deal in cardboard, Kraft, corrugated and paper made boxes for the candles.

What are retail candle boxes?

These are attractive boxes like, display candle boxes, wall hanging candle box and simple small size candle box. This is box in which retailer gets the candles, that’s why these are decorative, mesmerizing and appealing boxes.

How can I buy candle boxes in the USA?

Just request a call back, start a live chat and email us. You can also get a free quote and get your price in your next email. We are a USA based company and deliver all the boxes at your doorstep.

Where can I get an idea for my candle boxes?

We have more than 300 candle boxes styles, variety of materials. Inclusion to this, all shapes of boxes are produced here. As we are a leading customized candle boxes supplier, so we also provide you our pre-defined standardized and trendy templates for the candles. These are free and you can also download here.

How do I get the best design for my candle boxes?

Just share your existing design or share your ideas we will design a new smashing, sophisticated, elegant, sleek and personalized box as per your product requirement for you.

If you have a candle business, who are your packaging providers?

We are your packaging partners; we care for the money that you are pouring into the pool of packaging and we have all kinds of customized and personalized candle box.

What is shipping time for wholesale candle boxes?

We ship with-in 8-10 business days after the payment. However, we have a rush order facility and you can check more about shipping here.

Do We offer samples for customized candle boxes?

Yes, we offer totally free samples for all kind of products packaging via Email. For physical sample we charge a minor amount for the shipping charges.

Do we have eco-friendly boxes of the candles?

Yes, we deal in all types of eco-friendly boxes. For this we have biodegradable material Kraft. As, we are in favor to protect the environment and save the life on earth.

What is the return policy for the candle boxes?

Read our comprehensive return policy here.

Can we have customized for weddings, corporate and birthdays?

We have customized solutions of the candle. For weddings, corporate sectors and birthdays we have customized labels for the candles, check here. Moreover you can opt for the customized shapes as well on the website. Check our candle box templates here.

What styles we offer?

We have all styles check our website for the styles.

Let's talk!

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