4 Corner Tray With Lid

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This is considered as the right alternative of the tuck top boxes. Custom 4 corner tray with lid is another structural design of a box. It comprises a lid, this lid can be removed for the display of the product. All these boxes with hundreds of customization options; material, dimensions, printing, design, colors, and effects are available here. In addition to this, die cut, windows, and different textile patterns and up to the mark texture designs options are best for your retail, food, and cosmetic items. Next to this, through customization, an array of features and add-ons are applied on the cardboard, Kraft and Bux board material with lots of effects. All these effects grab the attention of the people passing by aisles. We have a variety of interior and exterior; layouts, design options with the trays, inner distributions, cushions, and foam material options. Customized 4 corner tray with lid boxes have 2 glued flaps on the lid and 2 glued flap on the tray and the middle points are joined.

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Some remarkable features of the 4 corner try with lid cartons

These four corner trays, also known as beer trays, these are simple, but value-added cartons for the bakery and food items. These can be assembled easily, and shipped in a flat surface. These are the best for the shipping and storage of the goods. In addition to this, in all other tray designs the lid can only be larger than that of the tray of the carton, but in this case, you can obtain the same size. As the name shows, it comprises a 4 corner tray and a lid.  But both the middle joining ends have no glue end. In structure, these look like 6 corner box, but the only difference of 4 glue panels differentiate them. So, the middle parts of these customized 4 corner tray with lid are not glued.

Your requirements and our production

Why you don’t need the quality and high finishing end cartons for your bakery, retail, and food items? So, for high quality and superb finishing options make your products appealing and up to the mark. Cityofpackaging.com have a variety of the customization options that comprise material customization, printing, dimensions, style, and shape of the box. Cardboard made 4 corner tray with lid cartons are designed as per your requirements and demands.

Why you need such structural cartons for your retail products?

So, customized printed packaging solutions plays the most imminent and enhanced role in marketing, product distribution, stocking, warehousing, transportation, and marketing. Almost all the brands are more conscious about the recyclable and eco-friendly material of the cartons. That’s why the City of Packaging has launched hundreds of structural designs with a variety of materials, designs, and shapes. We have lots of printing option for the trays, distributions, and effects like, glossy, UV coating, foiling and glossy effects. But the main difference of 4 corner tray with lid is the same size as the top and the bottom of the box.

If you are looking for such kind of boxes then just fill this form and avail your right cartons only within 8 business days with free shipping. We deal in al customized solutions that meet your products specifications.

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Showcase Exhibit

Showcase Exhibit are the packaging shapes, that are best for the presentation, display and marketing. such display grabs the attention of the customers at first glance. These are up to the mark, standardized and high end finished boxes offered by us. Such styles are displayed at point of sales, point of purchase, counters, hang on the wall, and displayed at wall for the purpose of showcase.

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