1-2-3 Bottom

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1-2-3 bottom boxes
are another choice for the packaging with two additional benefits. As these are also called the Snap Lock Boxes. So, the first benefit is their assembling, these are a little bit technical and require more time to be folded. The second paramount benefit and intention is security. Yes, these are more secure than that of Tuck End cartons. This is because of one additional flap in the bottom. That’s why it makes them more secure and able to carry heavy weight.  So, if you are looking to pack heavyweight packets, then our 1-2-3-bottom boxes would the best choice for you.

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Right material and design selection actually save the cost!

Such technical structure of the cartons has 3 flaps in the bottom, that’s why these are also called snap lock boxes. When these three bottom flaps locked in each other, this interlocking provide a complete physical shape and strength to the box. In its structure, the side lock of the bottom are designed exactly in the same way, but the other two flaps have different locks and positions. So, indirectly, there are three types of folding, 2 same side ways, and 2 other flaps that are different with each other. That’s why these are also called a 1-2-3 bottom. This is the same as a jigsaw puzzle, the interlocking joined them from ends and strengthen the whole figure. So, the bottom flaps interlocked with each other and make them stronger.

Why such cartons?

These boxes are known for their strength and durability, most of the retail and cosmetic products are packed in them. Their strength is higher than tuck bottom boxes and lesser then auto-locked bottom boxes. Another advantage of such cartons is cost efficiency, so these snap lock boxes are the best for you.

Some of the key features are the following

  • These are secure and durable
  • These are good for heavyweight items
  • These are good for the fragile items
  • There are fewer chances of being opening form the bottom accidentally
  • Quickly and easily assembling saves the time
  • Fully customized, any shape, window and personalization options

1-2-3 bottom boxes is a multi-purpose box that actually protects your product from breakage. Its bottom quickly snaps that’s why these are also called the snap lock boxes.

Strength of the box lies in structure

Moreover, these cartons are produced with one single sheet of the cardboard, and this makes such cartons stronger. These are shipped in a flat surface, and you can vertically insert the thing. After inserting the goods, the bottom could be sealed easily. For retailers and small to medium level business, it is the right choice, if someone has not a big setup of equipment. City of Packaging has fully customization options related to the material, shape, color, and designs. These are also called the quick setup boxes, and its bottom is made by die-cut.

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How to fold this!

The folding pattern is so easy and alluded in this way.

  • First, fold the largest bottom panel
  • After folding the first panel fold the two side panels
  • Now it’s a turn to for the last long panel. For this, you need to exert some pressure at the center of this flap. This will create interlocking with other flaps.

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Bottom Closure Products

The "City of Packaging"Bottom closures designs contains the 1-2-3 bottom boxes, these have 3 steps bottom folding structures. The next product is 4 Pk bottle carrier; as the name shows these are 4 pack bottle carriers. Auto bottom trays are used for the display on the shelves and auto bottom with display lid boxes contains the creased display lid. This lid is used to create eye-catching look to the box. Full flap auto bottom is used for the heavy weight items, and handle bag shapes are the merger of the bag and box. Seal end auto bottom boxes have improve seal strength to the heavy weight of the products. Six Pk bottle carriers are used for the half dozens bottle carriers and tuck end covers are available in all card stocks. At the end, Tuck With Bellow Dust Flap Lock, restrains your products from the dust. They have one additional dust flap for the food and medicated products protection. For order call us or start a live chat.

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