Cosmetic Boxes Templates

Custom Lipstick boxes for cosmetic business

The solid substance of lipstick is making from waxes, oils, pigments, and natural ingredients. Such ingredients endow the evidence for making the most suitable products for making your lips luster and soft. Every female uses various shades of lipstick as per their age and events. So, this lipstick firstly fills in the plastic rolling containers, and then it packs in the cardstock packaging boxes. By using custom lipstick packaging, you can make them alluring for captivating the target audiences. Such boxes yield the opportunity to the product brand to select the packaging style as per their product requirement.  For instance, you can use awesome design patterns, foiling, metallic shades, embossing, debossing, and laminations, etc. So, here is the list of top five styles that are famous and adopted by the cosmetic business for lipstick boxes.  

  • Sleeve lipstick boxes
  • Tuck in lipstick boxes
  • Pyramid box with magnetic lid for bulk lipsticks
  • 2-piece lipstick box with EVA foam

Now its time to dive in the detail of listed above points for better understanding and explanations. Also, find the brands that use these styles for lipstick packaging.

Sleeve lipstick boxes:

The alluring and fabulous style is sleeve lipstick boxes that add value to your product appearances. This custom lipstick boxes endowing the ostentatious and affluent view of products in front of the customers. You can make these boxes by using cardboard, Kraft, and rigid material. However, if you want to give lipstick as a gift to their dearest people so you can use sleeve boxes with some insertion of extra material like ribbons. It is the perfect solution to endow the awesome display. 

Tuck in lipstick boxes:

Tuck inboxes are extensively used by all cosmetic business for packing lipsticks. It protects your lipstick form damaging. Append to this; it’s best for using to pack the idiosyncratic piece of lipstick. You can place the logo and brand name as well. Packaging brands offer two types of tuck-in that are enlisting below for you:

  • Reverse tuck-in
  • Straight tuck-in 

In the huge list of cosmetic lipstick brands, Charlotte Tilbury Matte’s revolutionary lipstick brand in the USA use these tuck-in packaging with debossing and gold foil. Also, it uses the same color for packing the lipsticks according to the content that is pack inside the box. The use of debossing makes lipstick boxes more perfect.

Pyramid box with magnetic lid for bulk lipsticks:

A pyramid is the most innovative style and shape of lipstick packaging. This box is making with a pyramid shape and uses for securing the six awesome shades of lipstick in one container. Bio lipstick brands use this casing for packaging their six-pack of lipstick. The gold foil pyramid shape with tray and black magnetic lid makes them enchanting and alluring for the customers. Cosmetic retailers use a display box to endow the visibility of products and swanky look for the target audiences. 

2-piece lipstick box with EVA foam:

The outstanding protection of lipstick boxes is one of the abundant need. So, packaging brands use Eva foam in kits and makeup palettes to make them esthetic and secure boxes. 2-piece lipstick box with EVA foam is the pretentious style of packaging that is using by L’Oreal Paris for their products. The information print on the box using the gold foil that enhances the vibrant and beauteous look of products. Such sorts of custom printed lipstick boxes are one of the major sources for delivering the content to the customers. Plus, the use of logo and brand name on the lipstick box packaging makes them perfect for branding and marketing purposes. 

Final thoughts:

So, the points mentioned above are enough to demonstrate the top styles of lipstick packaging boxes. Such styles are massively adopted by the brands for their loving customers. Some designs are perfect for the customers who are buying the lipstick in bulk form of one brand and use them on various events as per their dresses. So, the lipstick palette of cardboard is the best way to keep secure. Also, some boxes are best for using as gift couture for bestowing their friendly relations. Now it’s your time to select the right and custom style for your packaging boxes as per your desires.