Packaging Art and Designs

Custom boxes v/s premade boxes

Custom boxes

Custom boxes are individual boxes that are made by specific companies. The specialty of these boxes is that they are designed according to the ideas of the customers. They are easily customizable and can be made in any shape. The customer has the advantage to change the size of the box according to their product and can print anything they want on their custom boxes. Custom boxes are made especially to satisfy the customer demands; they are user-friendly and eye-catching at the same time.

Premade boxes

Premade boxes are readily available online, but they are limited to their size. You cannot customize the size of the box; you have to buy the available capacity from the online store. The premade boxes have limited shapes and designs, other than that the premade boxes are the most purchased boxes by the old industries.

Difference between custom boxes and premade boxes


Premade boxes are not much attractive as they are less personalized. The customers are not allowed to make the boxes according to their demand. The premade boxes have limited varieties such as limited size, limited color, and small design. They have limited utilization as they go well with only those products that fit in these boxes. Whereas with custom boxes it is entirely different, the customers have ample choice to design the box according to their needs and requirement. They can easily change the size of the box if they want to. They can get anything printed on the box. So, when it comes to personalization options, custom boxes are always the best.

Brand promotion

When it comes to getting something that is best for the brand promotion, again custom boxes are the best for this purpose. As the customer is allowed to add anything on the box, so they are allowed to add the logo of their brand on the box that leads to their brand promotion. The tables having the logo of the brand will obviously make the brand prominent, and you will get more customers. Whereas, with premade boxes, the opportunities for brand promotion are lesser. The boxes are plain and non-customizable, that means that you cannot add any identity of your brand on the box, and the premade boxes will not represent your brand to the customers.


In the usability run, the premade boxes win the race. These boxes are premade and designed so they can be used to put anything in them. Like if you got the box to add biscuits in it and then you changed your mind and added cake in it, it still goes well. Whereas, with the custom boxes, the boxes are designed for specific products, and they cannot be used for any other packaging. The custom boxes have particular designs and logos printed on them so you cannot use them for multiple packaging. So if you are searching for multiple packaging options, always go with premade boxes to get a variety of packaging options with a single expense.