Packaging branding and Marketing

Create a long-lasting brand impression through custom box packaging

It is the utmost aspiration of all the big brands to endow the long lasting impression of their products not only on their customers but also on the competitors. And for this purposes they invest a lot. But one thing that unneglectable and play a crucial role in building the unique brand image is the display of the products.

It is assumed that the packaging of the product communicates the first impression about the quality of the product and brand. Peoples are too much concise while purchasing any product and make their buying decision on the basis of the display. So, it is a way that enhance the customer engagement. According to a research 60 to 70 percent of customer purchase the product which is presented elegantly on the counters and shelves.

As there is a large variation of products that are marketed for the purpose of sale. And each product varies in their specification. So, just think if you pack all the products in similar box how it looks on the retail outlets. Obviously it looks pathetic and boring. There is no choice for the customers and they would able to make difference among the different brands. And the competition also creates the need of unique presentation. Now you are able to understand the worth of the packaging and also knows that how these packages make the particular products out of ordinary. How custom packaging boxes facilitate you?

Use creative shapes for your packaging boxes:

Shape of the box sometime create a huge distinction when placed on the retail counters. And for this purpose packagers introduce out of the ordinary shaping options for different packaging.

  • Pillow shape
  • Gable shape
  • Pyramid shape
  • Hexagonal shape

Vivid color schemes and striking designs would attract customers:

Consider few requirements for printing your logo on the boxes:

For the custom boxes the options of custom printing are also available. If your vision is to create the best impression of your packaging, then you need to know what to print and how to print on the packaging. Like if you need to print logo on the box then make sure to follow the below mentioned points.

  • The logo should be related to the product and brand as well.
  • It should be Visible on the all side of the box or packaging.
  • Print it in colors that matches with your brand needs.  
  • It should be small not too big that looks pathetic on the boxes.

As the logo of the brand and its appearance on the packaging play a vital role in providing the brand identity to the products. on the other hand, it is also considering the symbol of the particular brand and when it is printed on the box it would create imprint of the brand. So, it’s right placement or printing on the packaging solutions are very imperative for the brands. So, the custom boxes are the perfect solution for the brands who need to create long lasting impression in their target audience. And resultantly it would escalate the sustainability and sale volume of the business. However, these solutions also become more cost-efficient if you need the in bulk quantity. Wholesale custom boxes are available with discount offers for the customers.