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Comparison of custom boxes and premade boxes

Premade boxes and custom boxes are mainly used for packing different goods. Custom boxes have become quite common around us. If we talk about premade boxes, not many people are familiar with them. It was stock packaging boxes also known as premade boxes that were initially used for packing various products. Premade boxes are ready-made packaging boxes and aren’t customizable. If you want to start a new business it’s important for you to understand the difference between the two. 

What are premade boxes?

Let’s start from premade boxes, as mentioned these packaging boxes are ready-made packaging option for different goods. You can order these boxes online in any quantity. There are different shapes and sizes available for these boxes. Being a premade option, you have nothing to customize. The trend of using premade packaging boxes had almost ended. Even start-up businesses order customized packaging boxes. 

Pros of premade packaging boxes:

Even today, premade packaging boxes exist and some products sellers even use them. It’s hard to say what makes them order premade boxes. Maybe, because of the following benefits:

  • Great packaging option for start-up business
  • Can be used for shipping needs
  • Inexpensive compared to custom packaging boxes
  • Ideal for testing a specific product 

What are the custom boxes?

Wholesale custom boxes by city of packaging are packaging boxes that can be customized in a number of ways. The word custom associated with these boxes says it all. In today’s modern age, customized boxes have taken over stock boxes. Even many start-up businesses prefer custom packaging solutions because of its benefits. The price can be an issue for some people but the number of benefits encourages them to order these boxes. In the retail industry, it’s the custom packaging that is being used. Confectioners use custom boxes for selling their bakery products. Soda sellers use custom boxes for packing their soda bottles. Similar soap manufactures also prefer dedicated custom soapboxes. 

Pros of Custom boxes

Customized packaging boxes have the following benefits:

  • Every aspect of these boxes is customizable

From shape to the size and even the packaging material can be chosen individually by product sellers. If you are tired of those ugly shapes, you can come up with an exciting new custom box shape. Display your gift products in that unique gift box to grab the attention. Custom boxes allow you to capture the market with new zeal. 

  • Ability to use printed boxes for brand advertisement

Use customized boxes for engaging your customers. Instate of using stock printing patterns use your brand theme on custom printed boxes. Show the world, what your brand is all about. You aren’t bound to use those stock images. Develop your brand theme and just print that on custom printed boxes to let the world know about your existence. 

  • Customized shipping boxes for that strong brand message

Most of the start-up businesses have a plan to grab the customer with a strong brand message. Stock boxes don’t have any space for printing such messages. Only customized packaging boxes allow sellers to print a brand message. So, come up with something new and exciting and display that on your custom wholesale packaging boxes. 

  • Helps you effectively communicate with the target audience 

Every brand wants to communicate with its customers. With customized packaging, you can add information about your brand name and products. Show your customers how much you care for them. Print the ingredients and manufacturing process on your custom food boxes. Share your contact details so that the customers can send feedback. All these customizations have been made easy with custom packaging boxes.