Awesome and alluring structural styles of custom product boxes

Awesome and alluring structural styles of custom product boxes

This is the era of 2020, and no one wants to use the simple cube shape packaging to pack your products. All and one brand using stylish and unique boxes for captivating the audience and fulfill their requirements in a seductive way. You can avail of this outstanding option by opting for the customization to make your cartons awesome and unique for the consumers. Before going to incredibly make stunning boxes is mandatory to understand the customization.


Custom cartons are completely according to the utmost wishes of the consumers and product demands. Such boxes offer an abundant variety of boxes to make them unique and stand out the industry. Custom product boxes have tectonic beauty to grab the attention of the consumers in seconds. Some handsome options to make your box more customize are like to be them:

  • Selection of material like cardboard, Kraft and corrugated
  • Fascinating styles make more attraction like bookend boxes
  • Alluring designs like pastels and holographic
  • Selection of vivid and bright colors
  • Add the special printing effects
  • Foiling
  • Embossment

 You can utilize all the above options to make your cartons eye-catching for the customers. Also, these options can be opted as wholesale. Because wholesale custom boxes are the best way to serve the bulk quantity of products on low cut rates. Now it’s time to see the awesome and famous styles of boxes that you can easily use to loomed out your business in the tough completion for winning the race. Such styles are entailing below for you:

  • 123 auto bottom
  • Bookend box
  • Handle bag shape box
  • Die-cut
  • Bottom closure
  • Dispenser boxes
  • Sleeve boxes
  • Mailer box

Now let give in the details of these styles for an in-depth understanding of the features and qualities.

123 auto bottom:

The awesome and enchanting quality of these containers is to provide seductive and outstanding security to protect your products that are packaged inside the box. These cartons are also called the snap lockboxes. It has two more additions that make the unique and preeminent from another sort of boxes. The one major benefit of the auto bottom is the assembling of the cartons. And the other second benefit of the cartons is a secure system of these cartons. Both things the box lionize to pack the product inside the box. Such boxes have come in the box shapes when you joined right and left flaps that are interlocking of the front and back panel flaps. Here are some qualities of 123 auto bottom box for the ease of the audience:

  • Provide die-cutting
  • Strong enter locking system
  • Save heavy material

Bookend box:

The unique and innovative style of the box looks like the book. Custom bookend boxes are making from heavy-duty and sturdy material. It looks like one piece box that has the attached lid on the box. The enclosure of this box is like a book that can be open by using this lid. You can make bookend boxes more alluring by adopting the listing tactics:

  • Use laser cutting on the lid of the bookend cartons
  • Adding gold and silver foiling for text on the surface of the box
  • Utilize the embossing effect on the box to make an eye-catching for the audience.

You can also use the bookend box to pack the various products inside the carton. Like, soap, candles and many others.

Handle bag shape box:

Such boxes are available in various sorts of materials and sizes. As the name shows, it looks like the bag shape. The handles of boxes make them purposeful and attractive for the consumers. Add to this you can use these boxes for packaging of various items that could be cosmetic, baked and cooked.

Die-cut makes more elegant your box:

Awesome and alluring die-cut on the cases make your boxes overwhelming and engrossing for the audience. Such die cutes are making on the box with the use of heavy gadgets and sharps plates. You can use various sorts of shapes for the die-cut on the boxes that are entail blew for your ease:

  • Leaf
  • Heart
  • Petals
  • Leaf
  • Star
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon

By using all the above-mentioned shapes for die cutting on your boxes you can enhance the beatification of these products.

Bottom closure:

Bottom closure means to close your box on the bottom side. The cutting of the flaps and panels when assemble then these cartons are close from the bottom side. The major and vital benefit of these boxes is it best to bear the weight of the heavy products in an awesome and tantalizing way. The use of these cases makes you incredibly standout in the packaging industry. The list of bottom closures boxes is like to be them:

  • Full flap auto bottom
  • Seal end auto bottom
  • Tuck end boxes
  • Six Pk bottle carrier

 Dispenser boxes:

As the name portrays, this style looks like the dispenser. Plus, it is the preeminent and gaiety to display your tiny and small products. The upper and top side of the box is used to pack the product inside the box. And, the bottom side of the box uses to bring out the products from the boxes. Such boxes have a punch hole for hanging on the shelves and walls of the retailers. Such boxes have to more types that entail below:

  • Perforated dispenser display boxes having some dot lines and perforation section from the bottom side. Once you opening the lines you cannot close again. The perforated area always remains open after the enclosures and removing the dot lines. Such boxes are best to pack lip balm, tissue, and cosmetic products.
  • Flip out dispenser display boxes having some resistance of card stock sheet that is higher from the surface and create a wall for caring for the heavy amount of tiny products and save then from felling down on the shelves. These boxes are best to display on the counters. You can easily pack candies and chocolates in these cartons.

Sleeve boxes:

This box style is quite awesome and unique for enhancing the consumer’s attraction. Packaging brands offer the numerous material for the sleeve boxes, you can use as per your product requirement. The structure custom sleeve boxes look like a sliding drawer and sleeves. For this reason, such cartons are called the drawer and sleeve boxes.

The awesome and enchanting style of the box contains parts of boxes. On part is called the external box that can be decorated and printed as per the product demand that can pack in the box. The major crowd of an audience can be captivated by the external look of boxes. On the other hand, the second part of the box is an internal part that can be used to keep the product in a safe and secure environment. This box is also used to pull and slider for the enclosure of the containers. You can also use this box style for with partitions and trays to protect the listing products:

  • Bath bomb
  • Chocolates
  • Truffle
  • Cookies

 Mailer box:

Mailer boxes are making from the corrugated material and use to protect the sensitive and fragile products from any diminish effects. Add to this, the structure of the custom mailers box makes it more unique from other sorts of material. Such a box has one piece but also having the strong double wall and interlocking flaps for the awesome tuck end like the sealed and glued box. For this reason, such a box is quite saved and elegant options for the shipment of sensitive products.

Take essence from the up things: The crux of all the above discussion tells about the innovative and best structural styles for your custom product packaging. By using innovative and awesome styles, you can make your product stand out in the pool of competitors. These styles add value to your product and make you recognizable in the market.