19 beautiful bookmarks printing images, you should try

Are you a book reader? You must be known for the importance of bookmarks. Bookmarks are one of the best ways to keep your books on the mark. All you have to do is to get a marker for your book and read it time to time without even skipping any critical page. Bookmark comes in a variety of shapes and sizes; moreover, you can choose unique designs for your bookmarks. To help you with this, we are here with the 20 best, and unique ideas bookmark ideas with the images. You can create your own designs as well, but trust me these ideas are quite unique and will make you love them.

Quoted bookmarks

One of the unique ways to have bookmark printing is to print any special quote on it. You can choose any quote that may be related to your goal or life, and you are set to have an excellent and helpful bookmark for your book

Heart bookmark

If you do not like long length bookmarks, then you can choose a heart bookmark printing idea. This looks like a mini bookmark that stays at the corner of the page. You can attach it to the page where you leave the book. It looks cute yet helpful.

Duct tape

You can also use duct tape to get your bookmark. Duct tape comes in various printed designs, and you can attach the tape to nay thick cardboard to make your bookmark durable.

Arrow bookmark

One of the unique markers is the arrow one. This is the little bookmark that not only keeps you on the page you left but also on the line you have to start with.

Button bookmark

You won’t have seen button bookmark yet, but yes you can make this bookmark easily. Attach any button to the paper clip with glue and your marker is ready.

Dressed bookmark

You can get bookmark printing in the shape of any dress. After the dress bookmark is made, you can attach it to any long ribbon and use it.


If you are a tea lover, then you can also convert your bookmarks in the shape of cups. Get teacup bookmark printing for your books.


This is one of the old ideas, but you can make them unique by changing the shape of paperclips into some hearts or anything else.

Harry potter

You can also buy the harry potter bow-shaped bookmarks if you are a harry potter series lover.

Patterned bookmarks

Pattern bookmarks look quite cute. You can choose any pattern and get it printed on your bookmark

Fox bookmark

Fox bookmarks look cute when you want something tiny. You can get the fox face printed as your bookmark.

Star printed bookmarks

Make your plain bookmark funky but adding some printed stars on it.

Old books

You can go with the idea of printing the logos of some ancient books as your bookmarks

Maps printed bookmarks

One of the fantastic ways to make your bookmark look different is to write any plan on it. This idea is especially for geography lovers.

Picture bookmark

You can also print any pictures of your loved ones on the marker. This idea looks cute and lovable.


The color block idea is the inquest of all. You can choose a pattern and select multiple colors to fill in a different block of the design.

Magnet bookmark

You can attach a magnet to your bookmark to make it look unique and different from others

Paper bookmarks

You can convert the paper into any shape. You can make funky faced bookmarks out of it and fill them with colors

Monster eyed bookmark

Although I don’t like monsters this cute little monster eyed bookmarks looks very cute when hanged on a book

Owl bookmarks

If you love animals, you can go with the owl bookmark idea. You can use small printed owls for making your bookmark.